Did I Make The Right Choice....

  1. I've been on a bag spree the past few weeks and I've gotten the dior double gaucho - the BV large woven hobo in black, the chloe paddington hobo in dark red, and the chanel vintage ligne tote in black.

    So yesterday - I sent back the BV hobo b/c I bought the black chanel tote - okay with that.

    Now I JUST called Barney's in Manhasset and bought the grenat day bag. My question is - I am having doubts about having 2 dark red bags. I'm thinking of returning the paddy (it was 1500) so I can wait until some fall bags come out and get something w/ a little color.

    My question - would you keep the paddy???? I AM SO NOT SURE - I haven't used it yet b/c I really wanted a BRIGHT RED one and NM sent me the wrong color - so its been sitting on my dresser. It is growing on me, but I'm not too in love!!!
  2. I'm not a Paddy fan, so the answer is real easy for me ..... I'd send the Paddy back and get a fabulous fall bag. Btw, congrats on all your recent acqisitions! You've bought some beautiful bags!
  3. I'm not a fan of the paddy either. IMO, it's way too heavy. The day holds a ton, is easy to carry and is very lightweight.

    So, to answer your question, return the paddy!

    ETA: If you want a bright red, you might want to get the rouge vif rather than the grenat... The rouge has also been described as fire engine red
  4. While I like the Paddy style, I am not a fan of heavy bags, and the grenat is awesome. I would keep it and return the Paddy... It was not the right color anyway, right? Don't talk yourself into a bag, let the bag come to you!!!! ;)
  5. thanks - you are so right!! I am not talking myself into a 1500 dollar bag - I am def. waiting for fall to come and then I will get something I love!!!
  6. I love Paddingtons but mainly the basic satchel (I happen to have the Rouge in it which is quite beautiful and so if that is the color you really wanted in a Paddy, it is worth holding out for one until you find it). I had the Paddy hobo at one time and returned it because I didn't like how it looked/hung on me. But, I do love the Bbag hobo style AND the grenat color. So 'yes', I agree to send back the Grenat Paddy (wait for the Rouge that you want in it) and keep the Grenat Bbag hobo. :smile:
  7. i only like the paddy in brown range, so i vote to get rid of it :P
  8. Agree completely!! I can't get enough Chanels and Balenciaga (with an occasional LV) but the Chloe never really did it for me. I liked it in the beginning and have the chocolate color but in all honesty, I never wear it...I find it too heavy and I think it looks sloppy on me....