Did I make the right choice?

  1. I was torn between a Rolex Presidential and a Cartier Panthere, and I think I'm going with the Cartier. Do you think I'm making a good choice?

    Here are pictures:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I believe you are making the right choice, Which one makes you feel wonderful when you put it on?
  3. I would have chosen the Cartier too. Enjoy it!
  4. I prefer the Rolex, however both watches are beautiful.
  5. Both are beautiful watches, but I prefer Rolex.
  6. Both are beautiful watches, I would go with the one that fits my wrist better, I personally would go for the Rolex
    Good luck and congratulations in advace
  7. both are really beautiful...i prefer the rolex one though.
  8. You're definitely making a good choice - love the Cartier.
  9. The Cartier is so classic. Either is perfect.
  10. I prefer the Rolex.
  11. I think you made the right choice. Not a fan of Rolex at all.
  12. Hi I would go for the rolex.x
  13. Given that there is an even split bet. Rolex and Cartier....I'd say you made the right choice. Always go by your heart's desire, and if your heart tells you Cartier, than you made the right decision. Congratulations! :tup:
  14. Cartier vs.Rolex,the ultimate question that a lot of us go thru. Rolex is like LV, and Cartier is like Chanel. I think Cartier is more innovative in terms of design, Rolex is a bit boring but has great internal mechanics, but all rolex look so similar,predictable, and widely copied. I would go with the one that make your heart palpitate the instant you lay your eyes on. Good luck and congrats!
  15. Both are very nice... but I, myself, would go with the Rolex.