Did i make the right choice?!

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  1. Hello all! I bought my first LV bag today but i can't stop thinking if i made the right choice! I got the neverfull pm. I originally went into the store wanting a monogram speedy 30, but my mom convinced me to get the neverfull because she thought it suited a younger person better (i'm 24 - not that young, but not that old). At first i didn't like the neverfull because it was kind of flimsy and there was no zipper closure, which is why i liked the speedy. I have never had a handheld bag before, which is what i was expecting to have to get use to with the speedy. So basically, did i make the right choice or should i have gone with the speedy?! I want something i can use everyday and also dress up or down.

    please help me! This is my first and will probably be my last... :sad: at least for the next 2-3 years. i am poor (i had a $500 gift certificate - that's how i could afford this one :woohoo:) and will be in grad school for the next 3 years. :Push:
  2. If you are not totally in love with your bag then I would return it for the speedy, it sounds like that is the bag you really wanted.
  3. You should think about what you really want and get that. Both bags are great and both will look great for years. It really is what you have in mind.
  4. well, the thing is... i don't think i like the speedy that much anymore now. Are there any other bags (but not the papillon [sp?]) that are around the same price? I'd like to stay under $800 if possible.
  5. go for the speedy!
  6. Return it for the speedy. It sounds like that was your first choice and what you really want. It was my first LV and I still love it.
  7. How about the Batignolles Horizontal? Wider straps than the Neverfull, but still a tote. It would be useful for school.
  8. Definitely return it for the Speedy. It's a classic and will go with almost everything!
  9. I agree.:yes:

    I personally am not too fond of either the speedy or the neverfull... I think for the price, you can something less common than the speedy like maybe an Antigua MM, BH, or recital...etcc.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! I think i have decided on the speedy... again. it just seems like it would be better for more dressy days. I did look at the BH - i liked that it is stiffer than the neverfull, but i already have a big coach tote and I want something smaller for everyday use. the only thing that i am worried about with the speedy is that it is a handheld instead of a shoulder bag... oh well. i'm sure i'll get over it. maybe it's time for a change! :P

    thanks again!
  11. ^^ Try it out, and you can exchange it if you don't like it (yes, it will probs drive the boutique crazy, but whatever). I used to be a shoulder bag devotee, and I now almost exclusively use handheld bags.
  12. Take It Back And Get Your Speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i am ur age, and don't find speedy be 'mature' on me. If you don't have any handheld bags before, it will take you some time to get used to speedy....:flowers:
  14. definitely go for the speedy. you'll be able to wear it cassual and also dressy/more formal.
  15. follow your instinct..... if you think speedy is for you, go for it!!! :yes: