Did I make the right choice for my first Chanel?

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  1. I just got the Cambon black on black large tote because I have always wanted a Chanel purse and it seemed like the perfect one to use as an everyday bag (and my style is pretty casual). Now I'm starting to second guess myself and wondering if I should have gone for the classic flap instead... I haven't used it yet so it could still be exchanged... I really love the tote and it seems so practical but I also just adore the classic look to the flaps. I could always get a flap next year but what do you guys think? Did I make the right choice?

    I just love them all so much! How can I pick just one!
  2. That's the problem with Chanel, how do you choose one!
    What is your heart telling you? I wear my classic flap with jeans sometimes, as well of course dressing it up, it is alot more versatile than people give it credit for.
    I think if you are questioning it, and you heart is telling you classic flap exchange it.
    But if it's a 50/50, keep the cambon... it is a gorgeous bag and you will def. get alot of wear out of it... you can then start saving for your second chanel.
  3. Cambon tote is very cute but I LOVE the classic flap. IMHO, its great with jeans or with a suit and anything in between. Another alternative if you are looking for more of a tote is the GST.
  4. exchange it for a classic flap
  5. Get both. Problem solved! :biggrin:

    I love both the cambon black on black and the classic flap... They're very different bags so if you had to pick one, I'd go with whichever suited my lifestyle more- the cambon is more fun and casual while the classic flap is dressier. But I sorta sense that you'll get both eventually so don't bother exchanging the cambon. Just get the flap next year. :tup:
  6. First Chanel is always the hardest haha! I felt exactly the same way when I bought my first chanel (and it was for a tote), right away I was thinking..but I want that flap, in medium, jumbo and so on. Now that I have most of the style that I wanted- I can actually tell myself to stop buying.
  7. if only one, i'd say classic flap. but i don't have any chanel totes--they are not really for me at all... good luck!
  8. For the very first Chanel, I picked M/L black lambskin with GHW.
  9. For the first, go for the flap. I don't really like the Cambon bags but that is just me. You will never regret the flap though. Listen to your heart and go with what you love. There is no wrong decision here. Good Luck!
  10. If I had a choice I think I would do classic flap
  11. This was my first Chanel purchase as well, years ago when the line first came out. Since that time I sold mine and then repurchased it. I still love mine. It is really light and easy to carry.
    Since then I have added one other Chanel tote and also two reissue flaps. Although I love my flaps, I carry my Chanel totes far more than the flaps. They just fit my lifestyle better.
  12. If you love your Cambon tote than keep it. A tote is very practical and right now seems to best fit your needs. I am sure there will be more Chanels in future so you can always get the flap later on.
  13. I think the Cambon Tote is a great every day bag! I love the flaps also but for me they are not practical for everyday, so if this is the case for you also, I say keep your Tote and wait and get the Flap later on so you have both :P
  14. I love the Cambon tote. Are you planning on getting a flap in the future, or is this to be your one and only? If this is to be your one and only I'd recommend a flap (the "itch" for a flap didn't go away for me until I bought one), but if you have the means to have both, I'd keep it and start saving. :smile: It's a great classic bag, either way.
  15. ITA with this!:tup: