Did I make a mistake?!

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  1. I bought the Noir Artsy the day it was released. I thought I loved it. Then I put I stuff in it and it seemed so stiff and heavy. I left it sitting out hoping it would soften. I didn't think it was going to soften enough for my liking and I figured it was because it was a new color.

    I got scared I would never use it and exchanged it yesterday for the noir Speedy B. It won overwhelmingly on my poll I did here. Now I'm having remorse. Should I have kept the Artsy? Would it have gotten better? Or did I make the right choice by exchanging for the speedy? The thing is, I'm a shoulder bag girl at heart. I never really wear crossbody. I don't know if I just need to get used to it?? I would just get both but my husband will probably not let me buy another 3,000 bag for quite some time!

    What should I do? My receipt says I have 14 more days to exchange.
  2. To be honest I feel both bags are not for you.... So , what criteria are u looking for this next black bag ? We can then give a more accurate suggestion

  3. I have to agree - reservations about the purchases indicate these may not be the ones. It should be true love!
  4. I had a mono artsy. I loved it. It cracked at the top and they exchanged it for me. I just had to pay the difference. So I got the Emp. Artsy. I seemed like the perfect choice. It was just so stiff! And heavy. My baby is due the first week of April and I have already bought a Delightful mm to use with her. I really just want a leather bag that I have the option of using with or without my new baby. Hope this helps.
  5. Have you looked at the black empriente montaigne? Yummy bag.
  6. With a new baby due, what about the Lumi? It comes in empreinte too.
  7. I would like to suggest balenciaga work, or bottega large veneta in black.

    LV leather bags are mostly heavy.,. Emp, mahina
    Otherwise, stiff ... Vernis, epi

    Other than these, they are either canvas or super exp leather bags.
  8. I looked at that yesterday agsin and my SA said they are discontinuing it soon. So I decided against it. I was thinking with all the strap issues maybe that is why they are discontinuing?
  9. The problem is I can only exchange not get my money back.
  10. The Emp Artsy does get softer with use. Some girls complain its too soft and they wish it would stay stiffer to keep its shape when it's sitting on a table.
    Mine is a happy medium.. Not too soft not too stiff. I keep my stuffed when not in use to keep her shape and to keep it as stiff.
    I have said it a 100%... The Artsy is a very special bag and when it's in the empreinte leather it's even MORE special..
    I say go back and get it.. ;)
  11. When The Artsy softens does it feel a little better on the shoulder? Does the handle get softer as well? I know it does for the monogram, but what about the leather?
  12. Honestly , i had the emp. Artsy and hated it!! I bought it pre loved , never even took her out of the house. Once i put my stuff inside the strap was just uncomfortable and the bag was waaay to heavy for me. I do not think this is a good bag for a new mom. I find most of LV leather bags way to heavy to lung around with kids. Have you thought about the canvas version of a speedy b ? Even the size 35 would be big enough for you to hold alot of items in. If you have a credit maybe you can get a few items instead of just one purse .? Just my 2 cents :smile:
  13. #13 Mar 12, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2014
    The Emp leather strap is much softer than the mono leather strap from the start.
    I'm sure anything new needs to be broke in.
    I bought both my Artsy's preloved but my Emp Artsy looked brand new.
    If it was used it might have been used once.
    I found the handle to be comfortable the first time I used it. But I can say it does get more comfortable every time I use it.
  14. I have a Black Speedy 30 and a Mono Arsty. I much prefer my Emp Speedy. My Mono Artsy is bulky to carry with the wide bottom, the strap hurts my shoulder, and it folds in half when I set it down. It's just so darn pretty to look at, and I admire it on others but it just doesn't work well for me (not selling it though because DH bought it for me and he would be hurt). What I'm trying to say is not every bag is right for every person. It sounds like you have legitimate reservations over both bags. Why don't you return and get a credit and spend some time thinking about what you really want. With baby coming, maybe get the new Damier Totally MM and an Eva to use for nights out with DH?
  15. I had the empreinte artsy. While I absolutely adored it for its beauty, it was just too heavy for me. Sold it to fund another purchase soon.