Did I make a mistake on the Noe!!!

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  1. I had the perfect color Noe and never took tags etc off it was the strings that bugged me now after months of remorse at the return I find myself going back to it as the perfect color and summer bag ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392142659.934338.jpg
  2. No :smile: I don't think you made a mistake. The idea of it might be 'perfect' but it obviously didn't work for you the first time round.
  3. It is beautiful. Not a mistake.
  4. I string also would have bothered me. But at the same time epi noe is so classic. If you let it go in the first place, then I think you made up your mind.

  5. I just keep lusting after it. I can make a slip knot for the tie like on the Noe clubhouse photo
  6. The colour is lovely but the bag itself is not one of my faves!
  7. No - I had a menthe one - took it back. The noe is nice in theory and honestly, it is not super flattering. It was meant to carry champagne. There are lovers of the noe but most find it difficult. Keep looking - there is a perfect bag out there. You may have to look beyond LV
  8. Guess I am in the minority here. Never had an issue with the strings because my SA showed me alternative way to tie it without any hassle. I had the Epi Petite Noe it was a fun and versatile shape. :flowers:
  9. I bought my first Noe (in Idylle - sepia) because it is so light to carry.
    I loved it so much I recently got a black petit noe in epi.

    The bag just works for me.
    I guess it is personal preference.

  10. Can u send a pic of how to tie it
  11. Sometimes there is a really good reason why we return bags. I love emp. bags but will never buy them because they are just to heavy for me. Every time I am at LV i find myself lusting after them . I would stay away from the Noe. If the strings bothered you then, they will bother you now. If you love that color, perhaps look into another style bag.

  12. My SA suggested the Luminese
  13. I don't have my Epi Petite Noe anymore. Hope my description does not confuse you. One way to tie the Noe is to keep the strings in the first stage of lacing this way you can tighten it before securing the bag. Next take each string and fold in half and just tie them together once. It will stay secure until you want open your bag. And it is no more cumbersome than any zipper secured top bag. :flowers:

  14. Did u not like it anymore
  15. You might say "I loved it to :death:"! lol… Well, my Noes were about 20 years old and it did not go thread bare on the edges like most, I actually wore out the leather ridges from rubbing back and forth on my heavy clothes. Twenty odd years later… I still love the Noe. But because of my arm injury I can no longer sport a bag over my shoulder. Same goes for my Almas, and Speedys...