Did I make a mistake in purchasing this JUMBO?

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  1. hi all! I had a credit at fashionphile and saw this black lambskin jumbo and thought it was a great deal ($2800) It is a 16 series and they say it is in great condition but the leather strap inside the chain.. the stitches are popped. I figured I can just take it to the Chanel store? Is that correct? do they do it in the store? or will they ship it out? also.. it as some scratches on the inside.
    now I'm wondering if I made an impulse buy... please let me know what you think! would you keep it? I've wanted a lambskin jumbo for so long and jumped on this when I saw it!

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    You'll just have to take it in to the store once they open again. I'm not sure if they need proof of purchase or anything though. If so, I've heard of leather surgeons who also does repairs
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  3. Depending on the age of the bag, Chanel will only service bags thats made 5 or less years ago I think, can someone confirm this? Yes Leather surgeons will have no problems fixing that, perhaps you can send them a photo and get a quote in the mean time.
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  4. Actually yes I think Chanel did implement that five year policy! Totally forgot about that.
  5. I have read that too, but on some websites it says that the 5 year rule is not for repairs but for full spa refurbishing type stuff..its all so confusing! lol
  6. Really??? That is super confusing.. It wouldn't make sense to not do any repairs I mean thats extra money for them. haha
  7. what do you think of the condition for the price? this lockdown stuff has made me do some serious impulse buying haha!
  8. Yeh the impulse buying is REALL, I bought a purse too. >_<!

    Its only worth it if the bag makes your heart sing.

    For me, I recently realize every bag I purchased cause the price is awesome but the purse isn't exactly what I wanted (whether color, material, size). I end up not loving the purse/not using it and reselling it later.
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  9. I wouldn’t bother with the store.

    I would go straight to leather surgeons.
  10. May I ask why??
  11. Sure.

    1) I have not found after sales assistance with Chanel to be particularly helpful in my experience in comparison to....let’s say, Hermes.
    2) I’ve had a Chanel SA confide they use leather surgeons for particular repairs.
    3) I’ve personally worked with leather surgeons on a H bag where I wanted the resin re-painted in a different color. They went above and beyond and painted everywhere, including hard to reach spots resin areas on the bottom. Not only was the work impeccable, the service and communication in particular were outstanding. The price was reasonable too for this task ($300 if you’re wondering).
  12. 100% agree with all of these points. I bypassed Chanel and got spa treatment on six Chanel bags, and Leather Surgeons sent them back looking like new. Faster turnaround time too, EXCELLENT communication throughout, and I'm sure comparably priced (maybe even cheaper) than going through boutiques. They even replaced my vintage CF's clasp that had a hairline crack in it with an original part! Cannot say enough good things.
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  13. Yep. Chanel essentially cut out the middle man when they changed the rules of what they'll take in. At least here in the US. They sent most everything out to leather surgeons anyway. Leather Surgeons didn't used to take individual clients, but since Chanel changed their policy, they do.