Did I make a good decision? Having second thoughts

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  1. Hi there!
    SO DH was in Paris and stopped by CDG boutique on his way back to pick a little something. I originally wanted a CF in any color/pattern. But there weren't any, they only had CF in exotics so I asked for a regular w.o.c, which was not available either (I think someone mentioned how hard it was to find classics at airport boutiques, guess they were right, they mostly have seasonals).
    SO I was like, whatever just grab something - I was like a junkie who need a fix- lol.
    Long story short, I had to chose between these two

    and it was big NO, nay, non merci. Don't like these at all.

    But now I'm having second thoughts , did I make a good decision? Do you like these bags or did I just pass on a "must have" ?
  2. If you don't love it, it'll be a waste of money.
  3. U made an excellent decision. Personally i am not fond of these two bags. but more importantly, u r not fond of them, so u shouldn't buy them. why waste so much money on items that u do not like?

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  4. Don't buy it just because it's a "Must Have" for someone else. If you don't love it, then why get it? Unless you are hoping that you can resell it for a higher price because it's on someone's wish list. If you go that route, then there's so many hassles that can occur.

    Trust your first instinct.
  5. I completely understand that 'gottagetsomething' feeling :biggrin: but I think you made the right decision not taking either of these.
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  6. They're not must haves, IMO. Wait for the Classic Flap.
  7. No I don't buy it to resell for a higher price later but sometimes when I have the opportunity it's just a way of "saving" the money. Sometimes there's one style I want so bad but cannot spend that much at the time so I like to get rid of some stuff I don't like or use much to fund the purchase. Ex: Last spring I wanted to get the mermaid boy so bad but with the holidays spendings could not afford it at the moment. I started looking for a bag I could sell or consign but loved all of them so ended up missing that gorgeous bag.
    That's why I think it can help to buy some specific styles when we have a chance, I don't know if you get my point ?

    Oh and I have another ridiculous excuse: I love unboxing whatever is in a big black box :biggrin:
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    Made a great decision by not purchasing. Something will come your way.
  9. Great decision - not a fan of either and I don't think its worth it if you don't love it. Otherwise it's just throwing $$ for nothing
  10. Yeah I woudve passed on both. With the cost of Chanel these days I only buy classics, no seasonals for me.
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    I understand selling old bags to fund new ones. I've done it myself. I don't really see an issue with that nor do I see an issue with people buying just to resell. It's a business model that have been practiced since the beginning of time.
    If you like the bags, then buy them. If you later decide to sell them to fund other purchases, then do it. Some people are very good at making good money predicting what will be the 'next big thing'. While some find it too much of a hassle.

    TBH, I like reveals of new styles and seasonals. Not everyone is the same so why should everyone have the same bag?
  12. IMO you definitely made the right decision since you didn't love those options. My rule is to only buy things I absolutely love--saves me from buyer's remorse and a collection of unused bags[emoji4]
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  13. Absolutely the right decision. They're all very lovely bags but not "must haves" in m book personally, that's different for everyone but you already pretty much confirmed that is' not your must haves either so you did awesome! :smile:
  14. Yes yes. Agree with everyone, I wouldn't get those 2 either... No, nay, non merci haha. Why don't u ask ur hubby to take u to Paris next time. They have the best selection I've seen. Ur bound to find Sth u much love.
  15. I know ! Actually we're french and lived in Paris for years :smile: we're going back next month to see the fam. I was there last December but I was not yet bitten by the chanel bug [emoji56]

    Anyway, plot twist: He did not came empty handed. Gonna do a reveal!
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