Did I Literally Dream This Bag, or Does it Exist?!

  1. Hi PFers! Help! Lately I have been having vivid dreams, the kind you remember the whole next day instead of them fading away, but, the other night I dreamt about this Chanel blue denim bag from the 2006 spring collection - I don't even know if this particular style exists, but in my dream the bag had a yellow stitched big CC logo on front, yellow stitched quilting on upper part of the back, and long classic chain. The bag is large but not oversized. I may have seen it on eBay or internet or something in my dream. I do have the large tote from the same line with the big outside pockets, looks like a luxurious diaper bag, but I must find the purse in my dream!!! Can anyone out there help, or at least tell me if I'm weird to actually be dreaming Chanel bags that may not even have been done yet ? :search: I kind of am beginning to scare myself.......lol.....:rolleyes:

    Appreciative, Claudia
  2. thanks w-Jade! you're sweet to answer, but the bag i dreamt (which actually i think i saw somewhere...must have :yes: ) was bigger and the embroidered CC was in the middle...but this is from the same collection, I saw this IRL and it is gorgeous, would buy it if price was lower 'cause its a little small for me :smile: