Did I just purchase a fake bayswater?

  1. does it have the padlock and keys ?
  2. No, it states in the ad that they are missing-but you that you could replace them for $50 from Mulberry.:confused1:
  3. does it look real to any of you?
  4. It looks good - I bought an Oak Bayswater a few weeks ago directly from Mulberry and the detail in the pictures look good compared with mine (that is if you actually receive the bag in the pictures ;) )

    Oh and not all Bayswaters have the paddlock and keys - some of the ones in the Mulberry shop didn't - and some of them didn't have the brass 'feet' either. The Oak Bayswater does come with keys usually though.

    Buying a bag like that though from an eBay seller with only 2 feedbacks is a bit of a risk though. :wtf:
  5. They are normally sold with padlock and keys at the factory shop if they have the brass feet , no feet no padlock , just to keep the price lower , actually i hate to say this but i don't like the slightly curved corners of the mulberry label inside , but i wouldn't like to say its a fake , they are offering refunds so i shouldn't panic too much , as long as you paid by paypal you should be o.k
  6. just had another look , you didn't pay by paypal ? it doesn't actually say anywhere that its a genuine mulberry , just says i sell genuine bags , i don't like the look of the Made in England label , hopefully you might get some other people who are better at checking them out to help
  7. I have a Mulberry Bayswater in chocolate. The made in England label is the same as mine. Apart from the missing padlock, it looks the same as mine.

    How about the back of the made in England label? Mine has an X at the back of the label.
  8. I agree with Mulberrymania, I think it is fake, sorry. The interior Made in England label looks wrong as does the leather label. In fact, the leather looks too shiny on both the bag and purse. Having an X on the back of the label doesn't mean a lot, some labels have an X on some have nothing and some have other letters.
  9. I am sorry to hear that it is fake. However, the label looks the same as mine from the photo and I bought my Bayswater from a Mulberry store in London.
  10. The bag is real! It was just shiny because the photos were lightened to show detail. It truly is a beautiful bag.

    The auction was run by a fellow tFPer, her name is the_bagaholic.
  11. Good to hear that.:yahoo: