Did I just make a mistake ... CARLY purchase?

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  1. I just got home from a day of COACH shopping (and not even the outlet!) at any rate, here's what I ended up with. The CARLY brown sig. (#13008) Originally $398, on sale for $297 and I got an additional 15% OFF bringing my total to $265.

    Have I made a mistake with this fabric? The bag is quite becoming and several other "shoppers" just adored it and LOVED it, even more so that the black leather SABRINA and the Black Sig. Gallery Tote.

    I REALLY struggled between this bag and the Sabrina (sm/med). The Carly felt really good on my shoulder and I LOVE that it opens up nice and wide across the top. The Sabrina felt a bit "stuffy" to me (and while I love the look & feel of the leather) I want black w/ silver and they did not have that. So I would have to order it online anyway. As a reminder, this is my 1st purchase, and I want to be sure I get something that will last for quite sometime. Have I goofed?


    BTW, I do have a few pics I've just taken, but have NO CLUE how to post them. If you tell me, I can do that. Thanks and I look fwd to your replies:smile:
  2. I think you made the right choice. The Carly is a classic bag and I am sure will last you quite a long time. I just bought one myself and love it!
  3. To post pics you can use photobucket and use the one the says IMG CODE to post the pics on here! That's how I do it!!
  4. I don't think you have made a mistake per say, but I do know that quite a few have had trouble with the Carly fraying, and they are also quite a bit cheaper at the outlets now than what you paid if I'm not mistaken. Also, I'm a huge Sabrina fan so I'm a bit biased in that respect. Good luck deciding!
  5. I love the Sabrina, so that would have been my first choice. I owned a Carly, but sold it because it just wasn't me. It's only a mistake if you don't like the bag, and you obviously do, or you wouldn't have bought it. Don't worry about what others would have done, if you like it and it's comfortable and roomy enough for you, then you bought the right bag.
  6. [​IMG]


  7. I'd vote for the leather Sabrina in a heartbeat.
    There's no S&H if your boutique orders it for you (and it comes to your house).
    Do you have a boutique nearby?
    I'm assuming you got the Carly at a dept store, on sale.

    Not only do I think the leather bag looks better, I think it will outlast a fabric Carly by a longshot.

    Sorry, I'm just not a raving fan of Carly.
    I like bags that are diff than most other people have and I think Carly is just too popular for me. But, to others this is a good thing....so whatever floats your boat!
  8. It is a beautiful bag but I feel that if you are second guessing yourself and not feeling it, it should go back. Try finding something that you truly love :flowers:
  9. I think your new bag is GORGEOUS! I love the metallic leather trim it has. I love love sabrina more and am a leather girl. Just listen to your heart, which does it truly like best.
    Best of luck!!!
  10. I LOVE the Carly even though it tends to have fraying issues. yes, the carly's are at the outlets now but not the one you bought.. I love it! :tup: The key though is makign sure YOU love it. I get stressed and pressured all the time over the right bag, I hate it.. but take your time and make sure it's for you and not for everyone else, I need to take some of my own advice! :rolleyes:
  11. I am not a huge Carly fan but the one you bought is super pretty. But if you aren't happy with it then exchange it!
  12. Beautiful bag, and the lining is sooo yummy!! Like I said, I'm not a Carly fan, but that lining would make me want to buy that bag.
  13. OOO i really like that!! I think you'll be very happy with it.
  14. I'm so surprised by the responses! I always thought there were more Carly fans on this board!
    Anyway, the pictures are beautiful!
  15. I'm a huge carly fan!!! I had to send mine in though because of fraying, but I do know that it doesn't happen to everyone, and since you bought the darker sig. I think you'll be fine! You won't be able to see fraying much if it does happen. I think you'll be fine. Yours is absolutely gorgeous and the lining is TDF!!! Congrats and enjoy your new bag!