Did I just get scammed on eBay?

  1. I'm so happy that this worked out for you.

    Unfortunately, this happens a little too often for my liking.

    I'm going through one now with a buyer who waited 5 days after my shipping to file a "unauthorized charge".

    I also ship out immediately because when I order something I want it yesterday! LOL!

    I just hope that mine clears. It's not as much as yours was but it's still over $100.

  2. Thanks chinableu!

    I'm sure yours will be resolved in your favor also!
  3. heat, I'm glad it worked out for you. Would you please post this buyer's ID so others can avoid the same nightmare?

    tutu and/or huckleberry, would you mind PMing me the IDs you dealt with also? eBay has me beyond paranoid these days with nutty buyers.
  4. Hi Speedah,

    I've decided not to post the ID after receiving an email from eBay which seems to confirm that his account was indeed hacked.

    Plus this was not purse related so I doubt anyone here would encounter him.
  5. you shouldve waited until u got confoirmation...
  6. question for this thread-
    Are these issues you are encountering (with buyers, it sounds like)- from accounts that have 100% excellent feedback?

    I'm just asking because I am considering buying some expensive dresses and have never bought an expensive item on eBay. I have bought and sold small things - selling $50 taryn rose shoes, etc. But these dresses are $300-$600. If I buy, and I get it and its a fake, it sounds like a big hassle. It might be worth paying the extra $100 to buy from bluefly etc.
  7. Just to let you know, a particular scammer which was discussed had 100% feedback as a buyer. He obtained it by first leaving positive feedback for items received. Then he waited weeks if not months to file cc chargebacks. Buyer claimed item was not as described to cc company and they reimbursed and what makes matters worse, buyer also kept item. What also facilitates this, is that I was told ebay does not allow sellers to leave negative feedback so others can be warned. This particular buyer had different ebay accounts and also used different genders.
  8. As one who was scammed by the above mentioned double-gender creep, I can tell you that 100% positive feedback is unfortunately no indication of your safety. You can also check toolhaus, but if they have made their feedback private, as this one now has, you will have to use the wayback machine to really see what it was. Important is to check feedback they have left for others.

    There are honest sellers and buyers on ebay; it's the bad ones that have many of us so leery.
  9. like others said, feedback doesnt matter, crooks come in all shapes and feedbacks.

    When I was selling a $2000 item recently, someone with 100+ feedback kept asking if he could use his own UPS account to arrange shipping and even wanted me to reimburse him. Pretty obvious what he was planning to do.... divert it to a different address and file a INR. Of course I refused and told him to take a hike.

    So you just have to be vigilent and avoid scams like above cause not even Paypal can help you if you fall victim.
  11. Glad it worked out OP. I guess if the buyer was going to do a chargeback the time limit has passed, so that's good. That would have been my next concern, but since this happened in July you should be ok.
  12. Since I'm not a crook, I don't know how it works exactly but I would guess it goes something like this.....

    1. Buyer arranges for UPS to pick up said item. They bring a pre-paid shipping label. It matches the buyer's Paypal address so the seller doesn't get suspicious.

    2. While in-transit, buyer contacts UPS and changes the delivery address to another city/state. UPS complies because they are the verified account holder.

    3. Buyer files 'Item Not Received' with eBay & Paypal.

    4. Since the only proof the seller has of delivery is the tracking# the buyer provided, and since it shows it was delivered to another address.... seller loses dispute.

    5. Buyer ends up with item and money.... Seller is out the item and money.

    So, no, never allow buyer to arrange shipping!
  13. Thanks!

    Yeah, glad to know he can't do a chargeback any longer. Or maybe he got a refund and doesn't care. Doesn't matter to me either way, I am just happy I didn't get screwed.