Did I just get scammed on eBay?

  1. Check the details section of your Paypal transaction page. If the transaction is specified as "eligible" your seller protection will cover you for unauthorized use of a credit card. This is assuming you met the other eligibility criteria which is to ship within seven days and signature confirmation.

    This is pretty black and white so I can't see how they can go back on their word.
  2. I re-read PP seller protection and appears I am covered 100% if it does end up being unauthorized purchase.

    But you guys are making me nervous!!!!!!

    Anyone here would just let it play out??
  3. Personally speaking, and it's just my own opinion, I would spend the $15 to have peace of mind.
  4. This sounds like my story except I had not shipped yet. You can put a stop on the package.
  5. Well I decided not to intercept the package and it was delivered as scheduled.

    I called PP to notify that it had been delivered with SC and they thanked me and reversed the funds.


    Noticed the person who signed for it was different name than the buyer, which didnt exactly surprise me since he sounds like a scammer.
  6. Yay! is right
  7. So happpy to hear that everything worked out well. A success story at last!!
  8. Not so right if they decide to do a chargeback, claiming they didn't authorize the payment. I really would have paid the $15. With two different names, this is not an automatic win.
  9. I agree with other posters, I would have just intercepted the package and ate the $15+$20 in shipping costs. Good luck OP, keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else comes hurling your way :smile:
  10. Isnt chargeback also covered under seller protection? Btw he paid instantly which means he paid from PP funds and not cc or bank, i believe.

    Seller protection is the reason PP cited for releasing the funds to me even though the buyer hasnt responded to their inquiry yet.
  11. You can pay instantly with a credit card, which is how many fraudsters pay, fully intending to do a chargeback down the line: fraud in the first degree, premeditated.
  12. Yes, credit card payments can be made instantly.

    Yes, your seller protection covers you for a chargeback. You did everything right - Paypal specified address, signature confirmation. It doesn't matter that it is a different name on the signature. Don't worry, you should be protected if it comes down to a chargeback.
  13. So if buyer files chargeback with his cc and wins.... I could be out the money and the item?

    I thought PP Seller Protection would reimburse me in that case. Or am I wrong?
  14. Try reading this thread and you will see that it doesn't always mean you are protected: http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/paypal-nightmare-help-743762.html and yes, you could end up out the money and the item.
  15. Yep! If the buyer convinces their credit card the item wasn't as described they can do a chargeback and PayPal won't do a thing (except charge you an extra $20 to "dispute" the chargeback with the credit card). The buyer keeps the item and their money and seller gets nada. It happened to me too.