Did I just do a "no-no" in Hermes?

  1. A SA, not mine, called me on a 30cm BJ Birkin but I realized that size is not right for me as I prefer big bags. I dont want to purchase a bag that doesn't make my heart sing but then I dont want to jepordize my future in obtaining birkins. Do you think that they will "blacklist" me from Birkin now or should I wait till my SA returns and explain to her, at the same time modify my wait list options?

    Thanks for your opinion!
  2. Sorry, I don't know about the blacklisting issue, but I would in any case advise you to check it out IRL before making a decision! Maybe you WILL love it!
  3. What? Noooooo. Even if that was a S.O. you put in, you can always refuse without being blacklisted! I'm not even aware they do that, except if you're suspected of being a reseller... and even then.

    Good for you for waiting!
  4. maybe i misused the word "blacklist". I just want to make sure that they would still call me in the future if a 35cm does come up.

    my mom has a 30cm Birkin and it's just a bit too small for me.

    :heart: thanks for the input.
  5. I'm going to share my personal experience on this.

    If you SO a Birkin, you MUST take it. Otherwise, you will definitely be on the store's blacklist. It doesn't mean the store can't sell the SO-ed bag. They can, but the problem is the bag is SO-ed specially for you, so if you don't take it, then it's a no no. KWIM?

    But if it is just a bag that happens to be in their stock, then it's ok to say no.
  6. I have turned down a bag that I requested before and nope I am not "black-listed". You shouldn't buy a bag that doesn't suit you. And I hope that SA understands that it's 35cm that you're looking for. It's too much $ to settle.
  7. You did the right thing. About a month ago I got a call from my SA about a 35cm Birkin Gold Swift and Toile. Feeling the pressure I said yes. The bag arrived and it is amazing but it is not my first choice. Now I have a brand new bag sitting in my closet in the box never used. I don't dare tell my husband that I not thrilled but I'm soo sorry I didn't hold out for my dream 35cm Gold Clemence or Togo Birkin. These bags are very expensive to just settle, you did the right thing. Also, my sister uses the same SA as me and she has turned down two 30cm Birkins and he continues to call her back.
  8. ^ thank you ladies, you have put my mind at ease.
  9. Rest easy. Even if you have a podium order, so long as it is something that they will sell easily in the store...red, gold, black, etc. you are ok. I agree...too much money to settle. Think of it this way...someone else was probably looking for the bag you said no thanks to.
  10. By the way, special order (done by the SM or by yourself) is different from podium order. I turned down a few Birkins (from podium order) because the size, color and hardware didn't click with me.

    Since you already know that 30 is not the right one for you, you can call up your SA and modify your wait list.
  11. hi, i am new to TPF, can someone tell me what a podium order is? Thanks so much
  12. I've heard the expression a couple of times, but I'm in the dark here too.