Did I Just Buy A FAKE??!!

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  1. help fellow DAY bag owners - i just got this bag, but comparing it to my other DAY (06), there is no leather in the top of the front pocket. did Bal not do this in the 05's??? the leather looks really good otherwise, maybe a tad on the dry side. but this is freaking me out - i thought my other bags had the leather strip across the top of the inside of the front pocket

    help :confused1:

    here is the auction:
  2. Don't freak - it looks authentic to me, but the photos aren't very detailed. I once bought a black 2005 City that also did not have the leather inside the front pocket, and it was authentic...I think they started putting the leather inside the front pocket in 2005 sometime, but not all 2005 bags have it.

    Photos of the front & back of the inside tag would help.
  3. I think they started with leather inside the pocket f/w 2005, my apple first didn't have but my Bordeaux did
  4. the tag looks okay, it has the black stitching across the top. the back side of the tag numbers are:
    140442 213048

    wish i could post other pics...
  5. Don't worry it's authentic
  6. okay, thanks marie!! sorry i freaked out, i thought i knew when i bought it but when i opened it up it totally threw me! phew.

    thanks and sorry for the :wtf: i get a little wiggy sometimes, especially when it comes to buying a fake!

    thank you ;)
  7. We've all been there....at least it's not fake!
  8. congrats! dolma green is really gorgeous! enjoy!!!
  9. i think it's pretty authentic to me :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.