Did I just buy a fake Tod's bag?

  1. Just won a Tod's purse on ebay and think I might be a sucker. Any Tod's experts, I would appreciate feedback on ebay item 290027439367...does it look real?
  2. The seller looks good but my instinct tells me it's a fake, only because the price is WAY too low. I've NEVER seen a Tod's that size go for less than $500 bucks and it was on sale! I hope I'm wrong, sweetie....goodluck!
  3. Sorry but I strongly believe that is a fake. The price is too low and no where in the auction does the seller say it is authentic.
  4. Thanks, Pursemama. The thing that has me really nervous is that _after_ I won the auction I read the detailed feedback and one buyer gave her a "neutral" for selling a fake (at least she refunded the $$) and now I notice she has the exact same bag up and is still calling it "authentic Tod's." I could really kick myself for not reading the feedback ahead of time--I just got carried away because I liked the bag.