Did I just buy a fake bag off eBay!!

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  1. Hi Guys - one of your members (now my new hero!) noticed that I recently won a Balenciaga bag on eBay for almost $800, however she said she couldn't let me pay that much knowing it's a fake.

    I haven't paid the seller yet, however emailed them asking how they can verify it is not fake and they just sent me back a very abusive email saying I was "stupid to bid when I didn't have any money" (wtf??) and that it's real and they will complain to eBay that I'm a non payer.

    Can you guys (being the experts that you are!) help me point out what is wrong with this bag.

    Thanks guys!
    bag 1.jpg bag 2.jpg bag 3.jpg
  2. Please post all Authenciticy questions in the "Authencticate this Balenciaga" sticky at the top...TIA
  3. It is a fake....:sad: it says it all over it...
  4. def a fake...

  5. There are many, many signs for it to be fake. The most evident one is the shine and consistency of the leather. Totally off! DO NOT PAY!
    BTW, you can check ateliernaff.blogspot.com for many signs to look for on a bag to determine its authenticity.
  6. Handles too long...
    metal parts that connect handles to bag are too round...
    tassels (leather strings) connected to zipper the wrong way...
    zipper ends are wrong (zipper should be 2 inches longer on each end)...
  7. SO nice of someone to email you! I feel soo horrible when I see bids on fake bags, whether it's $200 or $800. It's just disappointing :sad:

    Definitely don't pay! No no.. who cares if she files a complaint. I wonder if you can file a complaint that she's selling a fake...??? (I don't know much about eBay).
  8. Yes, she can report it to ebay and leave negative feedback.
  9. Thanks guys! as sad as I am that I now don't have my new bag, I feel so much better knowing the truth :smile:

    The item number is - Item number: 270096332293

    I've emailed a complaint to eBay so I guess I just have to wait and see what happens :sad:

  10. ITA ... I'd feel bad for anyone who paid $800 for a bag only worth $100. Definitely not authentic, just the first pic showed the leather was all wrong ... didn't need to look at the rest of the pics:sad:
  11. I reported it from my ebay account too. If others will pitch in, the more complaints, the faster something is done! As bad as it feels to not have the bag, it will feel SO much better with this purse community helping you choose an authentic one that you won't have to sweat about! Congrats that you caught it in time, not everyone is so lucky!
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