Did I imagine this bag?

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I spotted what looked to be a bone audrey at my local Macy's. I have since gone back and haven't seen it again, and I went on the coach website and I only see it in black and brown. Did audrey come in bone or off white leather (not patent)? I was thinking it could be a department store exclusive, but cant seem to find it on the macy's website either.
  2. There is a bone audrey, ive been seeing one at my local dillards
  3. bone audrey was a dept store exclusive.. couldn't even order at the boutique level :|
  4. Thanks for the replies, I am so happy that it does exist. Any idea what the lining looks like?
  5. I saw it too(@macys)...really pretty! Sorry, didn't check the lining.
  6. Bone comes with lilac lining. ;)
  7. a shade of purple for the lining. i would've never guessed that. ugh. loved the purple at first now it's driving me crazy because it seems to be in every bag i like. i swear some purple lining factory closed down and coach got a great deal.
  8. Haha. It's no better than the pink leather in the wallets. (Gah!)
  9. I have done this in the Coach store tell them about a bag I saw in Bloomies and then was told it was made for department stores only, so you are not crazy it does happen and also with shoes