Did I imagine it???

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  1. okay call me crazy but i swear i saw a girl modelling a damier pochette melville in the visuals thread! thing is she didn't write any text and just uploaded two pics with one of them having the file name as pochette_melville or pochette melville or something like that... now I can't find it.. you can't search it with the thread searcher too since that functions on going through the texts and not the filenames of attachments.:sad:

    darn i shoulda saved that pic! anyone see that too? she was wearing a white shirt... and the bag looked like this:

  2. Hmmm... I'm thinking it was Elle? :shrugs:
  3. oooh... so you saw it too?!!! LOL!
  4. I think I remember seeing it? :search:
  5. i haven't seen it but i must say im getting it!
  6. Wasn't me, John :P The closest bag I have to that...is the pochette bosphore which is in Monogram...and I believe my pic is still up?
  7. i'm liking this bag and am contemplating getting it on thursday! :smile: bf thinks its cute too since he can use it. LOL
  8. okay, now im thinking i imagined it!!! but i swear i saw it... oh man, im going nuts!