Did I hear that hand painted Speedys were coming?

  1. Did I hear correctly that sometime this month Louis was releasing new hand painted Speedys? I am in desperate need of a new black basic handbag. Basic like a Speedy, big like the 35/40, but in black. Not sure I want the MC. Any suggestions out there? The only Louis purchase I have made that I don't like is an Epi Black Speedy (25 I think). It's stiff, it's small and I get "zipper-hands" everytime I reach into it. Help! I don't want to make another purchase blunder.
  2. Never heard of it. Are you referring to the Mirage Speedy?
  3. Not sure. I'm new to this site and I've been fumbling around and I thought I read someone's comments about painted speedys. Couldn't find anymore about it. Thought one of my fellow addicts would know.
  4. Our local LV Boutique announced new styles last weekend, but I couldn't go. thought if something was out there, someone may have heard.
  5. I think I read that on this forum, too!
  6. hmm i havent heard anything about that...but i am often the last to know....im on this site everyday..but somehow i miss stuff.
  7. Here in Sydney, as of November, you can have SO speedy's and keepalls painted. SO as in, they're made to order, so will obviously take quite some time. But only the canvas items (Damier, Monogram - I'm not sure about Azur, but I'd say Multicolour would be a no go) I spoke to the manager of my store a few days ago, she said they'd not yet received details of WHAT exactly can be painted, but she said that big bold stripes (as on groom items) as well as *of course* custom initials/name will be on offer.

    I'm wondering if this new service is done by hand, or whether it's automated in some way. I'd love a custom symbol/picture on a keepall.
  8. I heard this too. I am in Brisvegas ans spoke with my sa about three days ago and she showed me some of the things they would paint
  9. This is certainly interesting. Hmm... maybe should call my local boutique and enquired about it.
  10. Thanks gwmpt1 for that piece of information ? But what kind of symbols did your SA show to you ? Are there more possibilities than for customization of hard-sided luggage ? I am hesitant to buy a Keepall 50 mono now just to wait for the hand painting to be possible ... Sounds really interesting.
  11. I heard keepalls but not speedies if you have a look on the vuitton website there is a section about customising luggage so that shows more it's about hard sided luggage but it's the same thing
  12. gwmpt1: Thanks for the update. This is interesting. I would love to have a painted Speedy :nuts:.
  13. I always understood it was like stripes and initials. I did read somewhere on here that an SA said they're going to start doing this on the speedy, if you'd like.
  14. Good to know I didn't dream that up. I'll have to call our boutique too.
  15. just to clarify for everyone you will not be able to take your bag in and have it done it is only done on new one's because it painted on when they are flat before they are sown into shape.