Did I go overboard??

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  1. I picked up the cutest accessories for my graphite hippie at the outlet, and then when I got home I noticed I had some other things I could add as well. Anybody want to see?? You guys can tell me if it's too much or not...
  2. Yep! I'm here!
  3. I'm here!!
  4. Ready :biggrin:
  5. Bring it on!
  6. I can't wait to see!
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Yea!! I'm here!!
  9. I'm here:biggrin:
  10. I wanna see!
  11. :popcorn:
  12. :jammin:brb
  13. And here she is with her new scarf and charms:


    I already had the poodles, but I picked up the coach fob today:


    I love how the fonts on the scarf and fob match the one on the bag:

  14. I love it!
  15. :woohoo:Love the color fabulous scarf