Did I get the wrong size?

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  1. Okay ladies, I'm freaking out a little. I got my Mon Mon and I love it, and the 25 is a good size for me for fitting my stuff in, but I'm paranoid that it looks too "small" from reading all the posts here. Seriously, I'm not digging for compliments here, but please - brutal honesty. Does this size fit me? I think I'd like to get a 30 as well for weekends but for now this was a big purchase...

  2. I have the mono and damier both in 25, so I'm biased. I think it looks wonderful!
  3. It is fine. I am big and I do not care what size a bag is-I swear it does not change your size. I think its cute on you.
    I think size matters more to messengers because they are against your body.

    You are a nice looking lady there are more important things to stress about.
    take care!!
  4. It by no means looks 'too small'. However a 30 will probably suit you just as well, if not better. Congrats on your bag, btw! :woohoo:
  5. Nevermind if it looks too small based on what others are saying in this forum, how does it feel? If it fits all your stuff, easy of use for you and you like it, that is what counts. Everyone comments based on their own experiences and what works for them. Only you know what works for you. You ordered the 25 because that is what you like, I say stop reading others opinions of it and enjoy it. 30 is not bad, I personally would like a size in between.
  6. I like it! Congrats!
  7. I LVoe the 25.That was my first speedy and I still use it.It looks GREAT on you..that is honest....You need to go with what works for you... 30 in MUCH larger and too large for some women...so if you love it ..keep it ..if no then return,but I think it suits you BTW---CONGRATS!!!!
  8. Oh and congrats, your bag is beautiful:tup:
  9. hi mutt...love the color choice, looks great!

    personally i prefer the 30 coz i can stuff my kids stuff and mine together, LOL..

    why not u enjoy this big purchase and save up for a 30 later in (maybe damier ebene or azur)? :winkiss:
  10. thank you guys so much, you remind me why i bought the 25 in the first place, because it felt right. i do love it. i know i shouldn't care about what everyone thinks, but aren't we all a little guilty of that? anyway, thanks again, i feel better already.
  11. If it feels right and you love it - that's what matters. You can tell when someone feels awkward carrying something they don't love.

    It looks great on you! It's easy to second guess your choices, especially reading others' opinions. You have to do what suits you - and this is it. :smile:
  12. I've always preferred the 25 to the 30. It does not look too small on you. I love that size for you. I wish I had went with my instincts and gotten my mon mono in a 25. The forum gives love to the 30 more than the 25. I think I allowed myself to be swayed into the 30 as the perfect size when for my needs the 25 is really the perfect size.
  13. I think the 30, and 35 are much nicer! :yes:
  14. While it is great to get the opinions of others, in the end you have to do what is best for you. With that said, enjoy your new bag! May the two of you have many happy days together!:hugs:

    P.S. It looks great on you!
  15. The 25 is a very popular size, and I think it suits you. You could get away with a 30, but I think both sizes are fine. :yes:

    P.S. - Your dog is adorable! He looks unmoved by your dilemma!