Did I get the right thing?

  1. so i went to H today to pick up some perfume I had ordered. I felt like getting something else but a) knew I shouldn't and b) didn't know what I wanted.

    I have been liking the Karo lately but it's too much imo for what it is and besides I didn't see any. Lol.

    I did however see the belts :drool: I already have a small constance which I'm not crazy about- it's just way too thin for me and my pant loops. So I tried on the Medium Constance. I don't know the proper names- which is the regular constance etc. I do know there is one thicker than the medium. Anyway, I tried on the black box/ gold togo combo which I loved. My mini is Black box/ chocolate togo which I thought would go with more... but the Gold is just so pretty. My SA thinks it will go really well with jeans. All my jeans though are very dark right now. I have to go through my winter wardobe but I have lots of black, some grey, some brown, some blue....

    Did I get the right colors? Also- is the medium thickness a good size or do most people have the larger one? which is better? i went for silver brushed hardware. i really thought i wanted gold because my watch and most of my jewlery is gold but i think the belt looks better in silver and the brushed was not as stand-out as the shiny.

    eek. i ordered the belt and will pick it up next week. did i get the right thing? help!
  2. I have black box/ gold combo as well. The width of mine is 1.25 and I find that a perfect width for jeans...is that the one you got? I have both the gold and brushed silver H and wear both. Great thing about this is that the H is interchangable so next time you can get the gold with a different belt color combo. I wear my belts all the time. congrats!!
  3. i think so.... i don't have it here to measure but i know my mini is almost an inch thick and this is the next size up... the thicker one was litle the thickness of the medor....
  4. I think it sounds fabulous!!!! How could you go wrong!
  5. lol. you're saying that cause it matches your bag! lmao.
  6. which means, of course, that you should just give me your bag.
  7. H, enjoy your newest Constance belt! I've got the black box/gold togo combination with gold hardware in the same size you just bought and wear it often. Great choice!
  8. I think mine is the same and I love it!! Also with brushed hardware -- it's perfect and I do swap sides more often than I thought I would!
  9. I have the black/gold togo and have used it almost every day since purchasing it. It goes with everything!!!! Enjoy it!
  10. It sounds beautiful, & makes me wish I had one! Definitely post pics when it arrives!
  11. Hlfinn, you got the H belt, not the Constance belt. You have the mini Constance which is 2cm I believe, then comes the H belt and then there is another one called the Constance belt which is quite rare and I am not sure they make it anymore. Yours is 3cm, the Constance is 3,3 or 3,5 cm (so not that much difference really).

    I have the same belt in black box and gold togo and I find it a very versatile piece of accessory that goes well with most everything I own, including jeans. I have never regretted buying it.
  12. ah.... thank you hello! the buckle seems the same though- correct?

    i just realized when out running more errands that i have a new pair of manolo booties that will match the gold side perfectly! maybe too matchy matchy?
  13. oh funny story- when i went to bring something to Claude to have him fix it he said "what's today's date?" and then "oh, i should remember because i'm french and it's bastille day!" lol. he's so cute!
  14. H, your new belt sounds perfect!
  15. hlf, there is a slight difference in the buckle, but not much. The buckle for the Constance (biggest) would have to be a bit bigger to accomodate the wider strap.

    A while ago we had a whole thread on this but I have no idea how to find it.