Did I get the right one?

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  1. So I am graduating from coach...which I still do like to gucci. I got my first one...a medium chain hobo in the gucci fabric. Did I choose right? I love gucci...wish they had an outlet though...the bags are as much as 2 plane tickets :smile: Any other bags that dont break the bank that ya'all love??:tup:
  2. There are 3 Gucci outlets.

    Yes you got the right one! The chain hobo is a classic!
  3. where are these outlets you speak of??
  4. you def got a great purse. :tup: the medium chain was my first gucci as well, except i got it in the chocolate guccissima. congrats on your first gucci :party:

  5. Gucci Woodbury Commons
    Woodbury Commons Factory Outlets
    Space E20- Route 32
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    Phone- 845.928.8034

    Gucci Secaucus
    Harmon Cove Outlet Center
    50 Hartz Way
    Secaucus, NJ 07094
    Phone- 201.392.2670

    Gucci Cabazon
    Desert Hills Premium Outlet
    Suite 228
    48400 Seminole Drive
    Cabazon, Ca 92230
    Phone- 951.849.7430
  6. good choice. congrats!
  7. great choice!!! thats an awesome bag :smile:
  8. definitely good choice - this is one bag i have been meaning to get and meaning to get - but i always see something else... it's a classic and i should not take it for granted it will be there next time. JEALOUS!! Please post a pic??!!
  9. hahaha...awesome...congrats on your bag!!! :smile: