Did I get scammed? What should I do?

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  1. Thanks Megs and everyone who posted.
    It definitely makes me feel better knowing this is a legit site.
    I'll just wait for paypal to respond and send another email to Raffaello Network in the meantime.

    It gets so frustrating having to wait though! I feel so helpless! :sad:

    I'll definitely let you know how this turns out!
  2. I'm pretty sure they're legit, as well. :yes:

    Although, unless they have changed their policy since I bought from them several years ago, because they don't have a tag attached to their items, they could be subject to a switch.

    Whether it's authentic, or not, it's awful that they folded the bag in half and sent it too you with no padding! :shocked:
  3. I know this isn't a practical suggestion for how to resolve this, but I had to say how sad I am that this is your first bag-buying experience after what has been such a horrid time for you - hugs from London xx
  4. p.s. when I was browsing the ebay section of the forum, I just noticed a link to raffello.com, so legitimacy wouldn't seem to be a problem, just really rotten customer service.
  5. I can imagine that it is very stressful, frustrating and disappointing to have to deal with this problem. I sure hope that it all works out well for you. Please keep us posted.
  6. That purse looks really good in the picture. Your experience is terrible. My friend just bought a Fendi spy bag from a "certified" seller on Ebay. It is fake. That's why I am afraid to buy anything online. I hope you resolve this. Also, the restocking fee is better than losing all your money. Tell them you are posting a bad comment on tPF.
  7. Sounds like what you have is a real "customer service" complaint. The company is above board...however their "service" to you is beyond suspect. You must return the bag, demand your money back, and find another outlet for your "dream" bag...

    Good luck...so sorry, it is awful esp since you've felt so bad.
  8. That sucks they aren't replying, I hope you can get in contact with them via phone! I bet it was just that you were calling at the wrong hours :smile:
  9. This is very odd.

    I've seen a number of Furla bags IRL and I would never describe them as looking like "cheap, crappy plastic vinyl". In fact, I almost bought a similar bag at the Nordstrom half-yearly sale and it was gorgeous.

    Also, polished calfskin and patent leather are two different leathers with two different looks. If you were expecting the polished calfskin to look like patent leather, it would not.

    However, you should have no trouble returning it to Rafaello.
  10. Yay! A happy ending to my Furla debacle after all!
    After writing a few emails that went unreplied to Raffaello Network, I sent a follow up which had a much stronger tone threatening media, watchdog agencies and of course, the thousands of TPF members who would be alerted to their company's practices. :graucho: I got an email the very next day from them followed up with a very apologetic phone message on my voice mail. They said they'd ship it back at their expense, gave me their courier account, and refunded me the total amount in full. I just received notification today through Paypal that the charges were reversed! :yahoo:

    So maybe they were a little slow on the uptake but they made up for it in the end. I'm not sure I'll shop there again (I still have no idea what the heck was up with that Furla bag I bought) but they really did come through in the end. Now I have money for Xmas to put towards the bag of my dreams. Perhaps that Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio I've been eyeing? :love: Sigh - what's up with me and those Italians lately? :lol:

    Thanks to all my fellow TPF'ers who helped keep me calm through a stressful situation!

  11. Yay, JJ, good for you!!!! So pleased it worked out.
  12. wow, one thing I have learned when ordering from a new site is to call the CS number before I order just to make sure that the number works and I can really get through. I am in a situation right now where I had to call my bank and dispute the amount charged to my account from an online purchase because I can't ever get through to the merchant and they never responded to my email, the amount charged was more than what I agreed too :cursing:

  13. This is fantastic advice, Tylisa. :yes:
    I tried calling the customer service line many times after I received my purse. Each time, it asked for you to dial the extension of the person you wished to speak to - which is impossible if you are just trying to call to speak to a real live customer service rep. It was in Italian too. :wtf:

    Hope you get your situation resolved.