Did I get ripped off? Help!

  1. Hello all - I went against all better judgement (!) and purchased a kelly bracelet on eBay for $160.00 from a seller that I didn't "know". It arrived today - and um, it doesn't look like my other bracelets (that I purchased from Hermes), so before I totally get upset about getting sucked in and buying a fake (:censor:smile: I wanted to get your expert opinions!

    Here's some pics...a few which compare my real barenia to the white possible fake. Please let me know what you think! Did I get ripped off or what?!

    125750.jpg 125718.jpg 125818.jpg 125722.jpg 125710.jpg
  2. Oh poor you... I cant tell you if its real or not dont own one to compare... but i have a feeling you already know the answer ?Hope im wrong....:smile:
  3. hi, I have a white one, and pulled it out, I think the bracelet looks right, I will post the measurements here: length:37 cm hight of metal loop: 2cm, one side metal ending is rectangular, and that is where the stamping of year/craftsman is, the other side has the silver hermes/paris stamping, about halfway between the loop, and rounded closure. I hope this helps:flowers:
  4. based on the photo, it looks like mine, store bought.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Just curious - does your store bought bracelet have the 'BRACELET HERMES' stamp inside? Both of mine do - although mine are clearly a different style than the white one from eBay.

    Thanks again!
  6. i hope its real.. i know how stressing it is to think your loved item is fake!!!
  7. Hi, I do not see the words "BRACELET HERMES" on any of them, ( I actually have a few of these) but there is the usual, "HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE. my bracelet productions are from 2005-06 so the inner stamping may have changed if yours is from a different year.
    the bracelets retails for $340 in the stores, so the price you paid is very good.
  8. Yes, it was a good price - assuming it's real. I have three others - one in blue lizard, one in black, one (double) in barenia - that are from '05, but they are different styles - and each of them have the 'bracelet hermes' stamp.

    Ah well. I may bring it in to my SA to see if she can verify it (although she's going to rip me a new one for buying on eBay!).

    Thanks once again!
  9. Crossing my fingers on this!

    Avandome, I am so glad you are helping on this one. I know I would be wanting help ASAP if it were me. Thank you.
  10. Lisa, why don't you post the auction number? Maybe some of us will know the seller. That might help give you peace of mind!
  11. I don't think the SA's are as upset with small items being bought outside of the store, but if it is a copy, THEN she will make you feel guilty!:amazed: :noggin: :lol: I think it looks good enough that you should wear it and enjoy it...and may very well be real. maybe they put a different stamp in a bracelet for sale in other parts of the world.:shrugs:
    The only thing that trows me is the "bracelet hermes" stamp.
  12. I have exactly the same one as urs, white epsom double kelly!!!!!!!

    Ur looks quite ok to me, except mine does not have the 'bracelet hermes' stamp. HTH
  13. Nefariousmuze, the barenia in the picture looks like a watch bracelet. The watch bracelets will be stamped "Bracelet, Hermes". The double Kelly will not. The double Kelly will also have a longer stem on the turnlock.
  14. Thanks so much everyone! I feel much better about the purchase now :rolleyes: