Did I get duped? Or is this "normal"?


Dec 22, 2010
So I made my first non-boutique Louboutin purchase without authenticating (I know, I know, stupid....) a pair of pre-loved candy flats. The seller was very nice and I never questioned the authenticity of the shoes because of the quality and attention to detail, but I've only worn them a couple times and it seems that the metal is scraping / flaking off the spikes and they are white & plastic underneath?? And the tips are chipped off? The only other spiked CLs I own are black on black pigalles (authentic originally from Net-a-Porter) which have plastic spikes.... but I assumed on the metal studded CLs, the spikes were constructed of solid metal?

Is this not the case? Has anyone experienced this? If it is normal wear and tear I'll be thrilled, BUT if they are fake I need to take some action. Here are pics:

You can see that the points are chipped off and there is white plastic underneath. Planning on posting to authenticate as well....

TIA Ladies!!!!


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