Did I get "burned" at the outlets?

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  1. Hey everyone, I have a burning question that's been bothering me for a couple of days now...

    Last week monday I bought my pleated framed patent black ergo, which i really do love :smile: I bought her 40% off, so she came to about $263(?), then on saturday i went to the outlets again just to get the matching wristlet and the same bag was 50% plus another 10% off... I feel like I just lost $100 and that's somewhat annoying, I didn't await the outlet prices jump so dramatically in 5 days..... but i love her too much anyways, so i somewhat am living with it. oh well,

    anyways, when i was there on saturday, i got the purple patent soho for 40% off plus another 10%... the final price for her came to $231.66. Now I m just wondering if the outlet will do this again, lower the price. And if not, is $231 an ok price? I couldn't find any on ebay, only the brown ones, but they are even more... for some reason i still am doubting that i got a good deal here. does anybody else have the soho from the outlet, and if so- for how much did you get/see them?

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  2. I dun know about outlet pricing but for these lovelies, I wld say they are worth it. Afterall you admired or used the item for the extra x days you got before the next slash, so it is worth it. I always tell myself that anyway. Plus who knows, if I dun grab something I like, it might not be there at the next slash. So for me, I'd grab it.
  3. The outlet will give you a price match if it is within 14 days. Go back and get your $ back!

  4. Wow, that is GREAT!:tup:
  5. I guess I'd just have to look at it that you got it wayyyyy less than retail, and if you love them both, then it's a good deal, right? Seems like Coach is always changing up the deals at outlets, so it would be hard to keep up with all of that.

    There have been times where I've been ticked off b/c an item that I just got at either full-price or with PCE at the boutique is at the outlet the following week at a much cheaper price than which I paid. Super lame!:cursing: But if it's something that I feel was worth it and that I love, the irritation dissipates after a while. There are more serious things in my life that I need to put that energy towards anyways I guess!:shrugs:
  6. How about if you've used it? I used my black ergo for a week now. The purple is still new with tags, so that makes sence, but would they give a match on a used but week old one? I doubt it, but it would be kinda nice.
  7. It will not hurt to ask. Just bring in the bag, the receipt and the tag if you still have it.

    My outlet is super nice about price matching,

    Good Luck!

  8. It can't hurt to try and even if you've used it, you have your receipt so I don't see why you wouldn't qualify.

    As for getting burned, its hard to say what will be at the outlet the next time you go, if you love something and its there best to grab it. You still got good deals and both of those bags are beautiful.
  9. That is a tough question to answer....
    There is no way of anticipating what the outlets are going to do with the pricing but it is Coach afterall so anything is possible.

    You liked the bag enough to buy it right?
    I guess the feeling burned part is directly relative to how much you actually like this bag.

    In hindsight there is not too much you can do about it now, but if you hadnt gone into the outlet on the day that they were reduced further you would have never even known.
    But now you will be aware that this kind of thing does happen....
    Maybe next time leave the tags on and wait for a bit and if so then get the price adjustment?
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    Yes they should still give you a price match for that. Thats kind of the whole point of a price match really considering that if it was new with tags and receipt, you'd be able to just return it and buy another at the discounted price no matter how old the bag was. As long as you still have your receipt, you should be fine (at least thats how it works at my outlet).

    As far as trying to anticipate whether there will be another price cut, the best advice I have is to look at how many bags are available and how popular they are. If there are tons of them and they're not going very fast, you'll likely see a price cut. If there are only a few and they're flying off the shelves, they'll probably be gone before they reduce the prices. If you're going to buy something, keep it around with tags for awhile and if you see the price go down, you can always get a price match or just return it and buy another. Good luck!
  11. Well, it is still within the 14 day timeframe so it is worth a shot.....
    Some outlets are 'funny' about the tags still having to be attached.

    You never know until you try!
    Good luck.
  12. You just need your reciept and they will give you a price adjustment. They dont need to see the bags. No worries.........
  13. I didn't get the purple satchel, I got the purple hobo, but they were both around $230ish. I thought that was a great deal on those....so I personally think you got a good deal.

    I agree that you should go try and get a price adjustment since you just bought the ergo. It shouldn't matter if you've already used it I think.
  14. Honestly I wouldn't be concerned with another 10% or so. 50% off the outlet price is awesome considering these retailed for $429 + tax. You got an awesome price.
  15. I've purchased things at outlet and then seen them go to clearance at a lower price. But it was worth it to me to buy it when I saw it and not get consumed with worry about whether the same item would be there in another week if I waited. Outlet prices are always good, and sometimes they get even better. Even so, I wouldn't regret buying at outlet even if the price did go lower.

    But like someone else suggested, bring the bag and the receipt back within 14 days and see if they will do a price adjustment. Can't hurt to ask.