Did I get anything from LV today?? Cors I did!!


    Those of you who know me will know that I have been impatiently waiting for the patchwork speedy and LVoe totes coming in, the wait was driving me crazy!

    Well yesterday I got the call :yahoo: I had a Grey Pouchy, Blue Speedy, Canvas Lvoe Tote & Purple Violet Satin Tote waiting for me. I really wated the grey speedy but you know you can always change your mind.

    So I went today to check them out, I decided against the LVoe totes the Canvas one was just kinda of there it didn't really speak to me if you know what I mean? I liked the Violet colour but was concerned that the material is too fragile and I can't be bothered to baby my bags. So I passed on those.

    I also passed on the pouchy because I have bought a few small bags lately & I use big bags more so they don't really get the use they deserve.

    The patchwork speedy was beautiful and I was really torn, the grey wasn't in so I couldn't compare so I faced the tough choice get this one now or wait for the one you had your mind set on. In the end I decided to pass and wait for the grey but I didn't come home empty handed........

    My super sweet spoils me rotten BF got me they most amazing bag, care to take a guess................

  2. wat is it?

    is it the bowly? dentele? clowd? hu hu?

    I'll just come back in 20 min...
  3. Oh the torture! :drool:
    Come on... let us see it... purdy please??
  4. [​IMG]
  5. eeeeek. i HATE these teaser threads! who is the person that started these, 40 lashes!
    what is it
  6. ooh... what did bf get you this time Label Addict?:graucho:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Pleeeease let us see.
  9. omg please show haha i cant wait :nuts:
  10. :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: can't wait to see!
  11. Ok guy's I'll stop teasing here is my new baby

    The Corsaire

  12. omg you got my fav button bag the Corsaire :nuts: congrats I love the strap closure it reminds me of the steamer...:yahoo:

    any modeling pics?
  13. Very pretty! Congrats!!!
  14. wow claire ! that is an amazing bag ! Congrats ! :flowers:

    btw - did they have any LE bags/accessories left ??
  15. Congrats! :flowers: