Did I Get a Used LV from the LV Store?

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  1. I walked in, told a guy I'm interested in seeing Favorite MM so he walked to front desk and got it from drawer. Then I said I want to buy so he asked another guy to help me so I said I wanna get this handbag but I'm worried if they gave me display handbag that people touched and not brand new one. I'm worried especially it wasn't wrapped with paper with LV sticker on it. What's your opinion?
  2. It's a display so yes it's been touched, is it used though? No. As for the paper, most of the times they put the bags in a dust bag and then put it in a box then put the box in a shopping bag.
  3. If they took it out of a drawer then it was most likely a new one. That's where they keep a stock. Does it look used?
  4. Is the gold hardware encase with blue filming? If so, your good. :smile:
  5. But the thing about it is they didn't have the display on the shelf and he just got it from the drawer. Can't tell it look used.
  6. If it doesn't have any mark or scratch on the leather, the hardware or canvas, I think you're good. There's no point to be paranoid about this as long as the item meets your expectation. Don't let this get in the way of enjoying your beautiful bag.

    P/s: The tissue paper with the LV sticker doesn't really mean anything, just a nicer way to present the bag inside its box.
  7. You're not going to get a bag that hasn't been touched at some point. It has to be touched when it's made, it has to be touched when it's packed up and shipped, and it has to be touched when it is unpacked in the store.

    If you're that worried get a cleaning wipe and wipe it and enjoy, congrats :smile:
  8. I'm not sure about all stores but the one I visit doesn't keep the majority of canvas styles out on display. They are kept in drawers and you have to ask the SA to get one out for you. So, it sounds like it is new to me. Look it over. If it look fine to you then I would just enjoy. If there's an issue, you can always exchange. Hope this helps :smile:
  9. Does it have any scratches, scuff marks or any kind of wear and tear on it? If not, it's probably brand new. One of the bags I purchased came out of the drawer even though the display item was out on the shelf. I've also seen some that were kept in drawers at my store. The last item I purchased didn't come with wrapping and LV sticker on it, just the dust bag and the brown LV paper bag.
  10. Most stores remove the blue hardware film before they bring the bag out to the sales floor. So that's no guarantee. A bag can be brand new and not have the hardware protector.

  11. Does the bag look good to you or not? That's all that matters.
  12. Like Fab says they remove all the tape when they receive the bags - actually the assemble them. So if there are locks or charms they usually will place those on as well. The only way you normally get tape on the hardware is if you order online or you have ordered through your SA. Even when I have my SA order at first I had to tell her to please not remove the tape or place on locks and such.
  13. many of my LV purchases have not been wrapped in paper with the sticker -- it's up to the SA who packages it for you...some do it, some don't. congrats on your new LV!

  14. By definition, if it came from a drawer it isn't a "display" bag.

    If the bag is fine, it's fine.

    [Warning: you will touch it.]
  15. When I go buy my felicie chain wallet, I actually take the display bag.

    There were two bags left in store. One bag has messed up canvas. The other one has uneven patterns.

    So I figured the display is the better looking one since they won't display a bag with problems.