Did I get a used City bag from Saks Boca?

  1. I rec'd my '07 Vermillion City from Saks (thought I purchased the Tomato City... but that's another story!) in Boca Raton last Wednesday and started to carry her on Friday.

    Friday evening I was reaching into the front zippered pocket to get my lipgloss and to my horror found a Motrin pill and a button to some piece of clothing! So, now I am thinking was this bag used? :cursing:

    When I rec'd the bag it was pretty stiff and there was no wear at all in the middle of the bag just a little in the bottom corners so I didn't think that it might be used... I did take note that the handles and piping around the bag looked to be a bit lighter than the rest of the bag. So now I am wondering if someone had this bag and carried it for a couple of hours or something, the bag didn't show signs of wear and maybe they cleaned the handles and piping? :confused1: Of course, the piping and handles color difference could purely be the inconsistency in the dying process.

    I am going to contact Saks about this... has anyone else had this happen? And if so, what did you do or what did the store do?
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  2. A couple of others have had this problem -- I remember one from Neiman Marcus and one from Barneys. I don't think the stores offered any discount or compensation, but they did allow the bags to be returned.
  3. I had this problem with Barneys and promptly returned the bag. Someone had left a quarter in the front pocket and there was bag gunk in it.

    My city which is from Saks Boca Raton was used too (unless the spare tassels are supposed to be different sizes). I think one of the tassels snapped or at least that's what it looked like, so the previous owner put the actual spares on and returned the bag. Sadly, I just found this out last week and now need to hear back from BalNY (who I called last week and they never got back to me!) as to whether they have Aquamarine tassels for purchase.

    For future returners, please empty out your pockets and run a lint roller through the bottom of your bag.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised, I have bought used bags from Saks on more than one occasion, it's a pain to return things.
    I would rather have someone forget something in it so that I know it has been used, rather than not knowing.
  5. Saks does have a great return policy, and two sides of the coin that go with it, means that if you don't like the bag, it can go back, but it does mean that others can do that too, and others may use the bag before deciding to return it.

    lil_miss_sha I ordered Aquamarine tassels from BalNY on Friday, call and ask for Daphe, she is a gem! I don't usually leave messages, I would rather call back and speak to her in person than leave a message!

    I wish you well,

  6. awww i'm sorry to hear that!
    It never happened to me personally but I've seen it happen..
    I never returned anything at saks but heard that it isn'T the easiest thing to do
    hope everything works out
    all the best ,hope everything works out
  7. omg! this happened to me recently. i bought a bag at barneys and didn't use it since i had bought two other bags. well, when i wanted to return it the date passed so i decided to auction it off. the seller later states that the bag is used and wanted a refund. i felt so embarrassed. i refunded her money and had to repost it telling the story. i have to thoroughly examine everthing i buy now.
  8. I sold a B-bag this past summer (not advertised as new) and I accidently left a pair of new Coach sunglasses in the inside pocket. I need to be better about checking bags before I sell as well.
  9. ^^Yikes! Someone got a free coach sunglasses w/ their purchase of B-bag from you.