Did I get a Minty-fresh Mulberry? sorry, long post!

  1. I broke my 2008 bag-ban already and ordered an Oak Bayswater from NAP-USA (DH gave the okay to order Dec 31 but I chickened out due to guilt, so I guess I can say it's technically a delayed 2007 purchase!). I was so excited after realizing how happy my Roxanne made me that I just had to see if Oak Bays would do the same....

    Anyway, of course I trust NAP for authenticity but I was surprised the tag said it was from S/S 06, so it's already almost 2 years old! It appears Mulberry.com is always refreshing/producing new inventory, but this NAP-USA bag must be some of the last Oak Bays they have in stock. It think it's been through one return-cycle if I understand NAP's stickering correctly, but it doesn't look scratched or worn... I understand the Oak gets a patina over time so I have no idea if this bag has already darkened sitting in its bag in their warehouse that long or if it's still fresh looking (looks almost identical to the NAP pics in shading - I'll try to post some pics). Does anyone with a new Bayswater have tags that say 07 or newer? Or are they all still from 2006? Has anyone noticed a difference in quality over the years?

    I was also surprised that the dustcover is more of a combed cotton instead of flannel. My other Mulberrys from 2005 stock all had soft flannel covers. Are cotton/non-flannel dusters the new norm?

    I don't know whether to try getting a fresher Bayswater direct from a Mulberry boutique in the States - I figure any bags in dept stores might be 2 years old too and show wear from display? Of course I'll incur more shipping charges if I start messing around looking for a virgin Bayswater...:rolleyes: I'm scared to death of eBay for Bayswaters otherwise I'd try to save $$, so since I have to pay full price :push: I'm thinking I should get an absolutely brand-spanking new chuck o' leather with all the bells, whistles and proper dusters. Yes?

    Sorry if this is an annoying if-it-bugs-you-then-why-bug-us-for-advice? post. :shame: For those who are anal-y inclined, what would you do?? :lol::confused1:
  2. Can you post pics so we can have a look?
    A lot of my bags are 06 season, bought last year, & they're fine. The dustbag should be flannel-like and brown.
  3. Don't worry about the question - it would bother me, too. I would return it to NaP (I think it's free returns, isn't it?) but, actually, before doing so I'd give them a call and tell them that you're returning it as you're not happy paying full price for a past season bag. Ask them if they have any new season bags to exchange it for or whether they're prepared to give you a discount. It doesn't hurt to ask, right?

    You won't have any trouble sourcing one from a Mulberry boutique and I'd have thought the shipping costs shouldn't be too high. If it's the kind of thing that would bother you, better to deal with it now than always have a minor issue when you carry the bag. Better to go with the boutique than a dept. store, as you said.

    Keep us posted :yes:
  4. They do have a quarantine thing,where any bags returned,are checked over and then kept for a while,I suppose its to check there isn't any coating put on by someone that could deteriorate over time etc.Once its passed its quarantine,then they feel confident to let it out again.
    Not sure about the dust bag though??
  5. But yes,thats a good idea for your peace of mind and then you can decide from there.
  6. Wow, ladies, some really great advice. I think I will call NAP and probably follow my gut and your recommendations on this one to go with the Mulberry boutique. I didn't think about the leather possibly being treated by the previous recipient.... excellent point, chaz. Otherwise I did snap some pics ~ she looks really perty in them! :tender: although her bum is a bit blah and has a couple of scratches to the left that look like they were filled at the shop.... I do see an Oak Bayswater most definitely in my future! (and I'll worry less about how fluffy the duster is...)
    bays1.jpg bays3.jpg bays4.jpg bays5.jpg
  7. Definitely return the bag, especially if it wasn't on sale. Buy directly thru the Mulberry boutique. My Bayswater (black) came beautifully packaged from the Atlantic City store and then my Annie came directly from the Angel in heaven herself!! (Chaz)

    Good luck!!
  8. A bit strange with the barcode but the bag looks good! I wouldn't worry about the dustbag, mine are quite differing in both colour and texture. It's really only the one that came with my Gisele bag that's proper felt (and that's probably 4-5 years old if not more) the rest are more like brushed cotton. xx
  9. omg do I detect the soft Darwin leather? :drool: The newer bags are made of stiffer and plasticky leather, can't remember what they call it. Even the colour lacks depth. I would kill for an older oak Bayswater with the softer leather...
  10. Oh no, now I'm getting confused! LOL! I realize I usually hate this-year-vs-that-year discussions because I think we should all love the bags we have... but I guess it's okay to question this particular bag since it isn't MINE yet...??? :confused1: :shame: (weak rationalization....) Perhaps this bag looked like cardboard/plastic 2 years ago.... hehehe.
  11. My Bayswater ordered from mulberry.com in december says W 07 on it´s tag. My bag from the Christmas sale (Effie) says A/W 06 on hers.

    I think I read somewhere that some peoples opinion is that the old Darwin leather is somehow nicer than the newer natural. Maybe it´s a good idea checking that up before you return the bag?

    And I would have worried the same way as you so there´s absolutely no need for excuses;)!
  12. You've given me inspiration to order straight from the source. Perhaps I'll hold out until I can be in So Cal at Mulberry and pick my bag out IRL... :tender:

  13. I received my Bays at Christmas and the leather is the natural vegetable (same as Darwin) and it is the most wonderful leather. Very soft and smells great. My UK angel sent me an Oak Annie the other day in the same leather but in oak (equally as wonderful). BTW - color on both is very nice!

    Maybe someone else can shed some light on this!
  14. Nope,they are all still made of Darwin,they just call it natural leather now.I have this on good authority from the mangeress of the Shepton Mallet factory shop,I hope that clears that up for you!! Just enabling you to buy another Mulberry!!!:heart:
  15. Its just the same type of leather,they just changed the name hun!!xx:heart: