Did I Get A Good Deal On This Diamond Ring??

  1. Hi ladies I don't know much about diamonds, but just picked out a ring today with my girl friend. It has a total carat weight of approx. 2.20 and its 18k white gold. it has emerald and solitaire diamonds. Its $3,400 tax included usd. is this too expensive?? or i'm i getting a good deal?? The diamond quality is really good and they are decent size diamonds too.......sorry no pics i hope this helps
  2. I found a pic....
  3. Oh, so hard to say just based on that info. Why don't you pm Japster and she can give you an idea. Her specialty is jewelry and I am sure she would know the best response.
  4. Wow! Gorgeous ring! Congrats! I'm not a diamond expert but that price sounds really reasonable.
  5. Sorry I didn't see this earlier.
    Without knowing the clarity/color or whether any of the diamonds have been fracture-filled/CE, For the carat weight and 18K, that is a reasonable price.