Did I get a fake Miu Miu top?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I ordered this top from an ebayer (desa_jay) who has a lot of designer items and a lot of duplicates (meaning more than one of each item). I was reluctant to order but he got great feedback.

    I got this pink Miu Miu top... something about the label and the interior care tag (completely in Japanese?) look off to me. I don't own anything else Miu Miu so I have nothing to compare it to.

    Can you ladies tell me what you think?

    Thanks, please click the pictures to enlarge.
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  2. it's fake. Miu Miu is not made there and miu miu doesn't really even have the same design asthetic as the top...
  3. I don't know, but it sure is CUTE!!!
  4. This is not MIU MIU !!!! The label was sewn in, the real label is in Japanese. I am so angry that there are people out there waiting to decieve other people. Im so sorry this happend to you.

  5. Oh no.. that's terrible.

    The top is really cute though.
  6. the top IS really cute, even if it's not miu miu (the line is generally very bohemian and funky), so as long as you didn't pay an arm and a leg for it, i'd keep it but leave feedback denoting that the top was not as it was promised.
  7. almost all miu miu and prada on ebay are fake, burberry too...They even do fake rebecca Taylor, Marc jacobs, etc.
  8. Thanks girls!

    Yeah, it definitely is not in keeping with Miu Miu's style.

    Oh well, I paid $50 so I'm not particularly upset, and I do like it.

    This seller has Marc Jacobs, DVF, Rebecca Taylor, Alberta Ferreti. All kinds of stuff... I guess it all must be fake.

    Thanks again!
  9. fake clothing pisses me off. I ended up with a fake prada top on ebay too.
  10. I don't know whether its fake or real but I would like to say for the record that all designer stuff I see here in Japan has Japanese labels..benetton,marc jacobs,armani..etc..you get the idea..so the japanese on the label in and of itself does not mean its fake..just FYI:shame:also...I see alot of designer wear that is made very particularly for the japanese market and so therefore may not be something that would be seen in their other lines..I believe they have a slightly different fashion aesthetic here and so sometimes designers do special lines for this market..sorry if I rambled..I just thought ya'll would like to know.
  11. Thanks clinkenwar!

    I've bought some designer stuff in Shanghai but the labels have always been in the language from the country of origin... but you're right, it's a definite possibility!

    I didn't lose anything but $50.00 and hey, if I wear the top once I'll be okay with it. :shame:
  12. The design asthetic is what tips it off. Not even the label.