Did I get a defected stam or what...

  1. I went out with my new elastic quilted stam for the very first time last weekend. However, I felt sth weird, and when i got home later, i found that there was sth not symmetric with the bag.

    would you ladies take a look at the picture, is it just me or what?
    in the first picture, the places of the handles are not symmetric
    in the second picture, the top is declining from west to east.
    IMG_0803.JPG IMG_0802.JPG
  2. Oh Wow, that is odd! I don't have a stam, so I can't help out, but I will be interested to know too! Where did you buy it from?
  3. i got it from eBay auction. it does not look like a fake, the leather, the name plate, the serial tag, the zipperhead, and the stitching ...are all good.
  4. Ok, I just checked out my stam. My handles are symmetrical (aligned) from the top view. Although, I do have to say that there are times that I "reposition" my stam when it is sitting because I think it is leaning to one side more than the other. Always just thought maybe the chain's weight/position made one side compress more than the other. It's not a huge difference, but I have noticed it. BTW, I got my stam from Shopbop. Hope this information helps.
  5. Im wondering what you meant where it is highlighted red?
  6. sorry, i don't know how to put this. I find "something" not symmetric. When I was shopping in a store, i looked at the mirror -- the stam's shape look irregular.
  7. thank you very much~~~
  8. oh my, it's not just you. that does look off. i have this same purse in plum and the place of the handles are symmetric. but when i place it down, the bag does droop down, i guess bc of the material but i've never noticed that it becomes slanted.......

    maybe you can get it authenticated at an mj boutique and if it is defected, they could do something about it???

    not sure what else to suggest.....hope it works out! ;)
  9. thanks a lot for your suggestion!
  10. Is it very easy to open the kiss lock? I'm thinking if it is really easy that may be why the handles aren't aligned. You know how the opening gets pushed side to side a bit when opening the kiss lock?
    I noticed that on my green stam the handles are off about 1/4 inch. How much is yours off? Maybe it is because of the quilting being bunched one way or other. :yes:
  11. Do you know where the seller got it??? Maybe you can bring it to that dept store and see if they can do something about it.. although at this point it may be difficult considering that these are hard to find in stores now.
  12. Hi, thanks for the help. Mine is also about 1/4 inch off. The kisslock is very tight indead.
  13. thanks thithi, i will try to contact the seller.
  14. GoodLuck Boginskaya, keep us posted!
  15. That's crazy. Good luck with it