Did I Dream This?

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  1. Hi ladies..................did i read here that there will be a green leather baby Cabas coming out for Fall 2007? Seems to my Chanel-obsessed mind that a short time ago someone mentioned it here? Maybe it was just a dream since lately I have had alot of them about Chanel bags?! But if there is such a bag on the horizon, does anybody know what shade of green? OMG if its a forest green or hunter green, i will swoon away on a river in the Everglades.....
    I want a baby Coco Cabas in green leather! a rich darkish green........i want it for fall! And i want she should have a pocket on her outside!
    :;stomping her foot:: :p :drool:
  2. I dont know but if its true i cant wait!!
  3. yes, i want to say it was jfusion that heard this...forest green...:drool: :love:
    no mention of an outside pocket,but nonetheless, and i can not wait!:yahoo:
  4. Its in the lookbook!!! Its a terrible pic, cabas style bag for the fall. The stores should have the book in. They say its coming in june, which means August.
  5. Sounds promising -- I love dark green.
  6. Sounds very pretty! I can't wait to see the f/w lookbook!
  7. oooooooooooooooo
    ::squealing with glee::
  8. LMAO..Me want one too!HEEHEE!!
  9. I love dark green, it's a great neutral.
  10. yeah, that's so i heard, adn it's not a good news for cabas crazy like me LOL
  11. I can't wait to see it!
  12. yeah, someone just mentioned it here in chanel sub-forum!
  13. Ohh no, I mean yay haha, that sounds great!! :happydance: