Did I do the right thing?

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  1. Hey ladies, a little help please..I got a call from my SA in London saying that the large reissue camera case in black with gold hardware was still sitting there with my name on it but they could only hold it for one more day. Now I can't get my head around this bag, as I am attracted to the style, but not sure whether I would feel regret if I did take the plunge. Also I have only seen the medium size IRL, and only pics of the large in the grey and the black. Got my sister to go and check it out with her friend, and they were both not very keen on the bag, I think their exact words were, it wasn't their fave style. I asked my sis to try on the new fall maxi in black for comparison and she said she much preferred the fall maxi. My query is this, should I go for the large black camera case bag or should I go for the new fall maxi in black caviar with S/HW? I already have a jumbo xl vintage lambskin but have always wanted a jumbo classic/maxi in black caviar
  2. I love the new Maxi.Go for it!
  3. Don't settle for something you are unsure of- go for the Maxi!
  4. maxi -- has the look of the jumbo, and room as jumbo xl. that is if space is top priority... then again, if you've been wanting a classic jumbo, why not go get it already? i also think the new metallic gray is the best "next" -- unique and versatile as black :graucho:
  5. I have the matte black reissue with g/h and love it because it is understated chic. I also have a jumbo black classic with s/h but am a bit crazy as I am also getting the new maxi black caviar with g/h and the maxi grey metallic. If you can get both, do it. If not and you just don't know about the camera case, get the maxi. It is fabulous and classic. Good Luck!
  6. go for the maxi.....its timeless!
  7. You seem to have a lot of reservations about the reissue camera bag, so I say go get the black maxi flap! It is both functional and oh so pretty!
  8. maxi !!!
  9. one more vote for the maxi!
  10. Ah thanks you guys! I guess I needed a little reassurance as I always seem to pull out at the last minute with the camera case bag, but am not sure whether that is a sign that I should not get the bag or that I am unsure because I have never seen said actual bag IRL?!! I love both the maxi in black caviar and am praying that I will also be able to get one in the metallic lambskin too!!!
  11. I actually love BOTH of those bags! Camera case is a bit easier getting in and out. It probably has a bit shorter chain drop as well. So, that might help you in making a decision.

    Let us know!!!!:P
  12. I will, would you believe it, I am still deliberating on whether I should have got the camera case bag or not?!!!! I mean, the black caviar maxi, I am presuming will be around as a timeless classic, but the 2.55 reissue camera case isn't...hmm given the choice, what would be the better colour combo, grey with silver hardware or black with gold hardware, for the camera case..I am just making this that much harder for myself
  13. If you have always loved the maxi, and have similar taste as your sis, then I think you should follow her recommendation and opt for the maxi instead.
  14. Please please let me know if you decide not to get the large camera bag - I'm in London and have been looking for one for sooo long.

    Good luck with your choice :tup::tup:
  15. I got the same problem like you few weeks ago and i've chosen Maxi, i know i'm making the right choice after few use of the bag....but still thinking the large camera bag.
    Good luck !