Did I do the right thing?

  1. I am selling my velvet Blondie on EBay for what I think is a good price, given condition and rarity. I just got a question from a seller. She asked if I would reduce the price, given that she/he is shopping for a birthday gift.

    I responded, saying that I would not lower the price. I also blocked him/her from bidding, as this person's rating was only 97 percent. I just felt weird about the whole thing.

    Perhaps that's because I usually buy and sell vintage watches. Once, I had a bidder "win" a vintage Rolex. He encouraged me to send it right away as it was a birthday gift for his mother. He sent me the "number" of the money order he'd mailed. I didn't mail it, and never received the MO. Turns out he was pulling the same scam on others and he ended up getting booted from EBay.

    I guess the combo of bad feedback (it's private too -- I checked toolhaus) and "birthday" set off alarms. I did the right thing, didn't I?
  2. I think you did the right thing. If your gut-instinct tells you that something's "off" or "funny", chances are that you're right. It's just not worth it to take a chance and become the victim of a fraud scam.
  3. Thanks, Melissa. Sometimes I feel guilty over things when I know in my heart I shouldn't. I was thinking, "What if she tries to bid and it hurts her feelings to find out I blocked her?" But, yeah, it just seemed a bit off.
  4. I think you did absolutely the right thing!....always listen to your gut feeling, it's usually right 99% of the time! The quilty feelings come not because you doubt your decisions but because you're geniunely a good-hearted person. Unfortunately, Ebay sometimes make you lose faith in people and good-hearted people get burned....when they don't listen to their instincts!
  5. Unrelated, but I saw an Oprah episode the other day with the guy who checked in one of the 9/11 terrorists. He had a bad gut feeling about the guy the whole time but ignored it. Our natural intuition (and I think women have a special 'gift' in this area) is often dead on....listen to it.
  6. Thanks, ya'll. You made me feel better.
  7. I think you did the right thing!!!!!! Good thing you follow your instinct. Good luck selling your item.
  8. Why in the heck should you lower your price just because they are buying a gift? That's nonsense!

    If they have a limited budget for their gift-shopping, that's THEIR problem.

    Hmmm....if I go to Nordstrom and tell them I am buying a gift....do you think they will lower the price? :roflmfao:
  9. Hee. My grandmother -- the last of the southern belles -- used to try (and sometimes she did get discounts). She was a real character. Very difficult if you really knew her, but ultra charming to strangers (go figure). She was the youngest in her family with 8 older brothers. She thought she was IT. Like something out of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    Anyway, women hated her because she was always flirting with their men, even into her 90s. I remember her telling my husband that her boobs were better than mine when I was 25 and she was around 75. And she really meant it. I thought he was going to just die.

    Anyway, she'd go to department stores and bat her eyes and drawl that she was on a fixed income and blah, blah. And sometimes they'd cut the price. Which was bad, because it only encouraged her. And she did NOT need encouragement.