did I do the right thing?

  1. Ok, A lady won a scarf from me I sold it NWT Never used etc.... as I was packing it up I noticed a white mark on it.. like a flaw in the silk. I had never noticed before. I went on to email her that I found this flaw and That I was sorry would she like a refund or does she still want me to send it? ok.. she email me back with...

    I think you knew about the flaw before, you should tell the truth, send it anyway.

    so, that made me mad. I emailed her back saying no, I won't send to her and I refunded her money. can I do that? I was like in the heat of pasion, I don't like it when people are rude to me.
  2. You did the right thing. I don't like her attitude either. When you relist you can note the flaw and I'm sure someone will buy it anyway.
  3. You did the right thing. Don't worry about her.
  4. You did the right thing. Some people don't appreciate honesty. I would have done the same thing.
  5. i agree, you did the right thing. i hate rude buyers...
  6. Agree, already a right thing, just affraid if you kept sent her then she'll file with PayPal for not-as-describe and trying to get your scarf & $$$
  7. you totally did the right thing. she is incredibly rude. i have had the same thing happen to me- email the buyer, send them pics and they were fine with it and sent it anyway. i always either automatically send them some money back or see if they would like some. but either way she was out of line. i applaud your honesty and professionalism.

  8. i thin kyou should refund the money tell her that you'll rather refund her money rather than being so unhappy that might get a negative feedback...
  9. You absolutely did do the right thing! By the sound of her response, she'd probably be the type to kick up a fuss if she noticed any flaw in the item once she received it. I wish more sellers were as honest as you were. :yes:

    I once had a really kind seller that was mortified that the bag she had sold to me had a few spots on it that she hadn't noticed until she was packaging it. She emailed me straight away to explain the situation and offered me a full refund. Since it was a bag I really wanted, she offered to take it to a leather specialist first to see if the spots could be removed. Luckily, the bag came back perfect but she since it wasn't in the 'original' condition that was described in the auction, she even gave me a 20% refund on the auction price - which did not include the costs she footed for the leather specialist!

    Had the situation been reversed, I know that I would've been frantic too if my item was damaged after auction's end. She was one of the best sellers I had ever dealt with. :smile: