did i do the right thing??

  1. So i have a mono speedy 30, ellipse PM and a epi jasmin. I decided i wanted a piece from the azur line since it's so pretty and all that was on eluxury at the time was a pochette accessories, so i bought it, knowing it would probably be too small for my needs.

    Less than a week later i bought my very first balenciaga from eBay for $850 and i'm already feeling the sting of that. (it's not even here yet).

    Then today, i found an amazing pair of rene caovilla crocodile shoes, and i bought them, even though the "sale" price was way too high ($260 plus tax).

    So, now I plan to return the azur pochette to keep the shoes...that line is now permanent, so i can always get it later, right?

    Did i do the right thing? Should i eBay the shoes and keep the bag? Or maybe in a little while i can save up and maybe get azur in something else, perhaps a speedy 25?? i wonder if they'll make it in papillon?

    Sorry for the rambling. :smile: tell me i did the right thing...
  2. I think you should do what best fits your needs and budget. Have you used the pochette? If you have, then I would not return it. This is just my opinion.
  3. Sounds like you got a good deal on the bag (shoes are still a little steep, but still less than retail) so keep those. As you mentioned, Azur is permanent you can get later on...
  4. You did the right thing. Glad you got the Balenciaga!
  5. Yes, u did the right thing
  6. No, it hasn't even arrived yet. Will be here on Friday.

  7. :cutesy: thank you
  8. You did the right thing! You mentioned the pouchette is too small for your needs so it doesn't make sense to have it just to have it!
  9. I think you already have made your decision!
    But knowing me, I'd keep it all then lay awake at night worrying....

  10. Then sounds like you are doing the correct thing. Enjoy!!!!!:smile:
  11. you did the right thing
  12. I think you did the right thing.
  13. *nods* take your time, no need to rush into the azur :smile:
  14. hahahaha that's what i considered doing!! lol i'm so bad, i know!!

    i think i'll wait for the azur to come in some more styles and get it then. lol i should wait for my bbag to get here to enjoy her first! :biggrin:
  15. azur will be around and if it's too small, you won't use it (like i don't use my pochette). so by getting the balenciaga, you did the right thing.