Did I do the right thing? sorry, a little long

  1. One of my auctions ended last night and the winning buyer has 0 feedback. OK....I try to give everyone a chance because we've all started as eBay newbies before. Well, I don't know what made me do this but I wanted to see how long the person was a member and lo and behold, they have had 2 transactions. 1 positive and 1 negative, the negative being that they marked that the payment was sent and it wasn't (according to the seller). I wrote to them saying that "based on your feedback score, payment must be due at the end of today or it will be offered to the next highest bidder". Did I do the right thing or should I have just offered it to the next highest bidder? They were actively bidding so it's not like they came it at the last minute to bid. I'm just trying to play by the stupid eBay rules because I don't want them to come back at me with some complaint through eBay. Thanks for any advice that you all could give me.:confused1:
  2. As you said, they deserve a chance, there negative seems like an honest mistake. I ahve done that myself once... marked somethign as paid that wasn't and had the seller chasing me for payment, luckily they were understanding.

    I would of given them the same time to pay as anyone else, like I said, they deserve a chance otherwise how will they ever get a purchase? :confused1:
  3. From what i know,buyers have a range of time to pay for an item (few days) so,even if you tell your buyer to pay within the end of the day,he still has the right to pay after that(within the days Ebay allowes).In fact,sellers must wait some days before filing a claim against a non paying bidder and only after this they can sell the item to the second higher bidder or put the item on auction again.You should wait and see if the winner pays you on time.If he shouldn't within the days allowed by Ebay rules,you'll have the right to file the claim,he will be contacted by Ebay ang get a non paying bidder ammoniment.Then you might sell the item for the second best offer or put it on auction again and get your % on the sale back.If you simply sell it to someone else without waiting,for sure you'll get a negative and the buyer will have the chance to file a complaint against you.:push:
    Hope your buyer will just pay,so you will avoid all those issues!:yes::p
  4. Yah, no matter when you require payment, if you didn't choose immediate payment required than I think you have to wait 7 days for payment before you can file a NPB.
  5. I think asking for payment that quickly from anyone is too aggressive, no matter what their feedback. I'd give her some time and see if she pays. If not, then offer it to your 2nd highest bidder.
  6. If it were me and I received an e-mail like that it would have put a sour taste in my mouth for the seller. IMO I try to be as cordial as possible at the beginning because if something happens things can get ugly quickly. I sell too so I understand you were just trying to protect yourself.

    I still would have given them the 7 days. When I see people with really low feedback like that I usually send them a message to open up communication with something like "Thanks for bidding on my item. I see you're new to Ebay so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I'll be sending you an invoice... etc." That's allows them to let me know if they don't understand something or they are having issues. I would rather know and try to walk them through a step than have them disappear.

  7. Good point. I just heard from them and they're going to be sending me an MO so that's even better, no Paypal fees! Now I just have to wait for it to arrive.:smile: Thanks everyone, for all your input.
  8. You have to stick payment terms like that in your ebay auction (on the about me is not acceptable) otherwise it is not binding and the buyer can file a non performing seller report against you.