Did I do the right thing after being invited to a 'purse party'??


I Love Summer
Jan 4, 2007
Ugh. Awkward!
I got an e-mail from a casual friend (kids involved in some activities and we chat during that time) inviting myself and a bunch of other girls to a designer knock-off purse party!:tdown:

I tried to just hit delete, but unfortunately, I have a personality where I feel a strong urge to make it 'right'. Like it's my resonsibility to educate (annoying much?) I responded very nicely, even made my apologies if she thought me too serious or rude, but explained that in case she hadn't heard, Ijust needed to let her know that it's not just an innocent purse party.

:sShould I have just minded my business and hit delete? Or, did I do the right thing by filling her in on the truth? Ugh...I'm also a worrier. So once I satisfy my need to make things right, I spend the next hour worrying about the consequences of it!:Push:


Mar 2, 2006
Oh geez, you definitely did the right thing.
I remember once my parents and I went to our neighborhood's block party and one of our neighbors was asking about our bags (my mom was carrying the black MC Sologne and I was carrying the white MC Speedy).
She she had seen some similar at purse parties and was thinking of having one. Right away my mom told her that we don't get our bags from purse parties, we get them from the LV store. So obviously, we never heard from her again about purse parties lol.
Feb 17, 2007
ITA! By speaking up you may have planted a seed in her mind that may speak to her conscience when she attends that purse party. Good for you!

Ethan's Mommy

Jan 7, 2007
I would have gone off the deep end! I am a very blunt person and make my opinions very known when it comes to fakes!

only you can know if you did the right thing though..you're the one who has to deal with these people. i hope that everything works out for you in the end!

Jen Loves LV

Aug 19, 2006
You did the right thing. When I got invited to one I sent the address to the FBI and the folks that deal with counterfeits and I sent letters to the local news because it was a police bureau employee putting the party on. Nothing ever came of it though, but I was FURIOUS that a Police Bureau employee working in the fraud dept. would think it was ok to throw a replica purse party.
Jun 29, 2006
You did do the right thing; brava for you!

You might have taught her something really important! And even if she already knew and doesn't care that they're fake, at least she won't bother you about them anymore!


May 8, 2006
You definitely did the right thing! I would have done the same. I let all my friends (who have previously bought knock-offs) know about the whole knock-off ''industry'', and most have bought purses from the boutique since! :smile: