Did I do something stupid? Impulse MAM tangerine buy

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  1. Just bought this off of eBay: http://i18.ebayimg.com/07/i/000/e7/fe/d53a_1.JPG

    Hope I like it.. I'm brand new to RM bags. I've previously only owned a M by MJ, Kate Spade and Coach.

    Is this a versatile enough color to wear year-round or is it mainly a spring/summer color?
  2. You beat me to it!! :upsidedown:

    From all I hear, the tangerine is to die for and everyone LOVES it.

    And if you're not happy, just relist before the sample sale in May and the pre-order shipments of Tangy MAMs (end of April? May? I'm not sure) and I'm sure you'll have no problem.

    Mostly due to people like me. :yes:
  3. It is very versatile! It is not as bright of an orange in real life. I am new to RM too and just received this bag last week. I plan to wear it spring/summer/fall. For winter, I prefer deeper, darker colors.

    Congratulations on your purchase!
  4. WHAT!!!! you are going to LOVE it!!!
  5. I love mine. I definitely think it's a 4-season color.
  6. you'll love it!
    the MAM tangerine is your new teddybear.. you are going to take it in bed.
  7. The Tangerine MAM is soooooo gorgeous! You will love it
  8. Not at all! This is one of the most versatile bags I've seen out on the market today. The color is a wonderful hue that will go with just about anything and perfect for any season. jmho of course, but seriously it's such a great bag and wonderful color!!! (i might be a bit biased since I own one myself, hehehe. :angel:)
  9. Great, thank you all for the reassurances. I can't wait to get my new bag!
  10. I love mine!
  11. i love the bag also-mine just came today-the only thing about it that i don't like is how heavy it is bc of the hardware
  12. How heavy would you say it is? And this is the mini you mean, right?
  13. yeah it's the mini
    compared to the matinee it is much heavier-you just have to get used to it
    but the bag is beautiful!
  14. ^^the weight of the bags also depends on the leather. The glazed leather IMO is a tad bit heavier. i have the tangerine, and IMO it is my favorite! I think it is a great 4 season color, and honestly i never thought i'd buy an orange bag but this bag matches my wardrobe perfectly and adds the perfect pop of color!
  15. I didn't go for the Tangerine as I already have an orange bag, but I do think it's a great color to wear for all seasons, in fact, I would think especially for winter. Imagine a sea of grays and blacks, and there goes a sudden pop of tangerine. Yum!

    Got a strong feeling that it's going to be much sought after a few seasons from now, like the wines. And if you do not like the bag, I do not think you'll have a problem offloading it. Lots of people want it - judging by the backlog orders.

    Pls post pics when you receive the beautiful bag! :yes: