Did I do good?

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! SO FUNNY!!:lolots:
  2. Wow i found the reveal you did get a deal nice bag
    I have a speedy 30 from 05 bought it new
    Yours Looks in good condition
    I am in love with my vintage speedy 40 even though I over paid thanks for commenting and sharing :smile:
  3. Wow, op!! You did good! Must have been a bad break up. I would not have given those bags back! Lol!
  4. Did you say $100... Girl you did great!
  5. $100 I can't even get my hair done for $100!!! You must have been doing some greats deeds for this! What a fun story behind the bag too!!
  6. I think I found a great 200USD deal on a Sophie, but have never seen it in this color. Has anyone else? I don't want to buy it if nobody has seen it.
    do you know.jpg
  7. That bag pictured was not made in the plain monogram. It was made in the multicolore and a limited amount in alligator velour.
  8. You did very well. I hope you're still enjoying it!
  9. Great deal.... Enjoy her!
  10. Definitely a great deal. Good on ya!
  11. Not a Sophie. It is a fake gracie. I see you are selling it on style.ly. Stop selling fakes.
  12. Great job!!!!
  13. Amazing amazing steal!! Congrats! That's awesome of LV to fix it too =)) happy for you!
  14. Oh, Addy, Lee, Elle??!! Where is one of you lovelies? Dr. Dior has something she wants to point out. Email incoming.
  15. This is 1000% fake. Very dissapointed that you lied in your listing that we authenticated this. Also, stop posting picture of your fake bag. 10000% fake by seller Jennifer Protas.

    Got it my friend. :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.