Did I do good?

  1. Hi Gals, I just purchased a Silverado Hobo in Olive from BG.com. for $945. I might be crazy for doing this as I've never seen the olive IRL. I did see a thread on here with a picture of one & really liked it. Plus this was on SALE! I just couldn't pass it up. Just wanting some reassurance I guess. Did I do good? TIA:flowers:
  2. That's a great price. I have a Silverado tote and love it - it's a great bag. And if you don't like it upon receipt BG has a great return policy.
  3. is a deadline for returns for their sale items?
  4. 30 days for sale items.. Heck, I'll know within 10 minutes if it's going back!:lol: Hopefully I'll love it. It's my first Silverado.
  5. acegirl - is that a Hummer in your avatar? My sister just bought an H3 in blue. It's a pretty cool truck!
  6. Yup, that's my H2.. Not a bad grocery getter:biggrin: Thanks!
  7. And the Hummer is tax deductable!
  8. Unfortunately not for us:sad:
  9. I recall SoCal's pic of the olive hobo, and I saw IRL too - I think it's a great bag! Hope you like it!!
  10. Ok, what am I missing? How exactly is it deductible? :oh:
  11. Destruction of the environment is tax deductible or something...
  12. Oh, brother, here we go... Can we get back to the bag I asked about?

    In addition, I have a sedan I drive as my other car.
  13. Thanks Blugenie!
  14. Love the olive color.
  15. I saw it on BG and was wondering what it looks like. Please post pics!