Did I do damage to my baby?

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  1. So I have read all the pamphlets and books given to me by my doctor and none of them say to avoid Salicyclic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide creams. They talk about avoiding Vitamin A creams only.
    I have been using Pro-Activ since I got pregnant and I have been using Clearasil's Benzoyl Permoxide overnight acne gel spot treatment....for the last 9 weeks!
    I have a call into my doctor & I am waiting for a call back but from what I have been reading on this forum, most doctor's say they are a no-no. Have I done serious harm?
    I am sick with worry.
  2. How many months pregnant are you? I really doubt you did any damage, but I am shocked your doctor didnt tell you this. He/She should of asked you what medications your on.

    Let us know what the doctors says:smile:
  3. I am 8.5/9 weeks and I have been using Pro-activ & the other creams since before I was pregnant. I will stop immediately but I will also let you guys know what my Dr. says. The only thing on the list of things to avoid are Vitamin A creams and Retinol creams.
  4. also used Pro active before and during first trimester...
    then I read somewhere that benzoyl peroxide was a no no...
    I told my Doctor, and he told me that it was okay... and not to worry about it...
    but i still stopped using it even if my doctor said its okay... just to be safe.
  5. Chances are, you and your baby are TOTALLY fine. The thing to remember here is that - for the most part - next to nothing has been tested on pregnant women because who would really allow themselves/their baby to be a test case for something unknown? In most cases, the data to say one way or another, conclusively, isn't there. That said, SOME things are alot more obviously dangerous and those are the ones we get warned about right at the start.

    Most docs (my OB/GYN and dermatologists, included) are going to err on the side of being safe. Most docs I know tell women to avoid salicylic acid gels/crerams and also benzoyl peroxide when pregnant and when breastfeeding. I *did* use the occasional salicylic acid gel when pregnant (no problems) but stopped any benzoyl peroxide. 'Treated' myself to starting proactive the week that I ended breast feeding.

    FWIW, when trying to figure out what's OK to ingest/use on your skin when you are BF, check out: http://www.breastfeedingonline.com/meds.shtml and be sure to look at the link for Dr. Tom Hale's website. He has done LOTS of research on this and has great info available.
  6. Everything should be ok:tup: Just double check with your doctor:heart:
  7. I also think you're fine. I used Salicylic acid off and on till partway through my second trimester. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said to stop, but that I hadn't done any damage. It's not teratogenic, meaning that it doesn't cause birth defects. The concerns with it are primarily in late pregnancy, and are similar to the concerns with taking aspirin (but less, since less is absorbed topically than via ingesting aspirin): bleeding issues or in late pregnancy, Reyes' syndrome.

    Benzoyl peroxide is considered safe in pregnancy according to most sources (all of them that I've seen, but some other forum members said that their doctor said no.) It's actually what my doctor told me to use when I stopped the salicylic acid stuff. Just talk to your doc and I don't even think you necessarily need to quit using the Pro-Activ -- you may be pleasantly surprised.
  8. I've been using proactiv this whole pregnancy - I've seen in many places the benzoyl peroxide is safe in 2.5% strength and lower...
  9. ^^Exactly, SAs and BP are not going to cause birth defects if that is what you are worried about. It has more to do with thinning out your blood. SA is in aspirin, which is why we are not supposed to take that pregnant.

    I was also told that BP is fine, BTW (that was as of this morning talking to the NP on the phone). Every doctor has different opinions. Like I said in another thread, my best friend's MD said it was fine for her to continue using SA. I just chose to discontinue it because I am a hypochondriac so it is best for me to just go by the book and not cause myself stress:shame:.
  10. ak! i've been using proactiv 2, and i'm about 8 weeks along! i guess it's better to be safe than sorry, but it makes it so confusing with all of the mixed opinions/lack of conclusive evidence! i guess i'll call my dr. tomorrow to see what she thinks...
  11. Most of the prohibitions are because these things have not been tested on pregnant women. Ethically, they CANNOT be tested on pregnant women, so most of the labels say not to use them while pregnant so they can reduce liability. The labels on Proactiv say not to use it while pregnant, though.

    The likelihood is that none of these things have negatively affected your baby. I would stop using them now that you know, but I tend to be overly cautious anyway. Talk to your dr. and s/he ought to reassure you everything is fine.
  12. Thanks ladies. I talked to my doctor & was told to stop it all if it will cause me to stress. She would rather have me use BP very occasionally and not use SA at all. I decided to stop all of it all together. It is not worth the worry.