Did I commit a major boo-boo?

  1. Hello ladies (and gents)!

    I would love to have your opinion on something I did during my (long) absence from tPF. I got a pointu as a present but it was totally the wrong colour (the bolduc one in flashing pinks), so I rushed over to my habitual store and promptly exchanged it for a card holder in Raisin Box.

    Now, my reasoning for exchanging was that rather than keep something I wouldn't use, I'd have something that I'd always have with me, therefore remind me of the gift-giver often.

    Said gift-giver got massively upset at this but knows that I use the card holder all the time... did I really do something horrible?
  2. Oh, I did the same thing when my DH bot me a H keychain for Christmas present, I exchanged it for a necklace on the same night. He was very upset but I did not realise until I exchanged it. Until now, he still remember it.

    To me, it's just a small incident, but to him, he thinks I am horrible.
  3. Oh noes, I can understand the giver being upset. Grovel and explain, I´m sure it´ll blow over.
  4. this is tough... Try to explain the situation. I recently got my sis a bag but she doesnt like it. So im exchanging it for something else. I will be more upset if she doesnt use it..
  5. If I was the person giving you the scarf, I would maybe of felt better about it if you had said to me
    Would you mind if I exchanged it for ++++++++
    I would then say no of course not.

    Dont worry too much now , just confirm to her just how much you love love the cardholder
  6. This is always a toughie! I, personally, feel that it's better to exchange something you won't use for something you will use! That being said, you might have told your gifter that you were thinking of changing it before you did so--it might have made them feel more a part of things--I'd try explaining that, although you were touched by the generous gift, you really felt bad about leaving something so nice in a drawer (which is where it would have lived) and decided to get something you'll use daily and think of them every time you do!
  7. Technically, once you were given it, it was yours to do with as you liked...but, yeah...you'll want to smooth things out.

    I'm much more "meh" about this kind of thing now. I'm like "great! Sorry i didn't nail it this time! I'll be on it next time! Glad you found something else---it still counts as from me tho!" LOL. That's me!
  8. It's always upsetting for the both parties, I know. But there's always a way out :yes:. Can you let the gift-giver from time to time know how much you like the cardholder AND how much you are thankful to him for the opportunity of having it? How you think of him and smile every time you see the thing? Just stress on the fact that this cardholder you like so much is in fact his/hers gift. A playful kiss on the cheek works miracles :graucho: (if it's a guy!)

    MY first association :p
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  9. It is a very difficult one, but the person buying the gift should realize that an item such as a scarf is very personal. And it makes sence to have something that you'd use daily. That being said i can see how upsetting it may be that their choice was not 'ideal'.
  10. i personally never mind if someone exchanges a gift and in fact prefer it to the gift going unused. when they exchange it i know they have something they love and that was really my intension from the beginning.
  11. I agree -- and I think that your friend should be forgiving...
  12. I agree. I often do the same thing, although that has led DH and my family to stop buying me presents and just asking me what I want instead.
  13. Hmm.. this problem wouldn't occur if they had H gift cards!!!
  14. They do :nuts: I've purchased one before.
  15. Oh Perja, I'm sorry that your gift giver got so upset. But would she/he rather that you kept a gift that would remain unused?? If so, then it was a gift with strings attached.
    You did not do anything horrible by exchanging the scarf for something that you would use. Periodically mention to your friend how much you like the card case and maybe she'll forget that she never gave that to you!