Did I clash?

  1. I almost posted this last night but had to rush out the door...

    Went to the Lakers game last night and had such a sort time to get ready. I wore a (dark) brown babydoll style Vince sweater (buttons up the top half) with a white button down shirt underneath, skinny jeans, brown H croc sandals and carried my black 30 birkin. My concern was the black birkin with the (sort of) brown themed outfit. Planned on carrying the Birkin all along but just spaced when I got dressed. It felt okay but...
  2. I think it's ok, your whole outfit matches.. and Birkin (to me) is considered a stand-alone item. It's fine :smile:
  3. ^^Agree with PricessFrog - It all sounded really cute!! You probably were worried for nothing!
  4. I think that black and most browns usually go well together. Besides as was stated well, the Birkin does stand apart from the outfit a bit...
    Now that I think about it I often mix blk w/ brns and now am beginning to get worried about my own choices, :confused1: ;) ......
  5. brown and black are perfect together. It sounds like you looked amazingly well dressed.
  6. I love brown and black together.
  7. Darling, when you wear your Birkin, they all kneel and worship you anyway...it could have been fuschia cyclamen and you'd still be a star! But think of it this way - now you have an excuse to go buy a chocolate ostrich kelly. I just saw one a few hours ago...very reasonably priced, I might add! Vive la difference!
  8. I think you looked fine. Your outfit sounded cute!

    On the same topic, you were at the game? I was offered tickets to go, but was suffering (and still am suffering) from a horrible cold. The Lakers lost, didn't they?:sad:
  9. I've always liked black & brown together. I'm sure you looked fabulous!
  10. Sounds great to me!!!! I'm positive you looked amazing :yes:
  11. I love to mix brown and black.
  12. Okay - feeling good about it now. That makes life much easier because that is my basic wardrobe (browns, blacks with a little color thrown in). I love the fact that the Kellys and Birkins stand alone.

    Pr1nc355 - Yes they did loose in overtime. My DH LOVES the games. We usually bring another couple and the girls talk the whole time.

    LadyEmma - Thanks for the suggestion... But I am holding out the the Bolide hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday!
  13. i used to be anal about wearing brown shoes and brown bags and black shoes and black bags but since i got my black birkin that's gone out the window!


    sounds like a nice outfit :smile:
  14. Your outfit sounds great...I like brown and black together as well!
  15. It was perfect!