DID I BUY THE RIGHT THING?!?!! leather conditioner KIWI to help my bag??!?

  1. :heart: OK LADIES THE POSTING I PUT UP ABOUT MY BOTKIER ATTACKED BY A ROSE BUSH, you all were soo helpfl you suggested i try leather moisturizer DID I BUY THE RIGHT STUFF?? i dont want to use it until you guys tell me either if you have used it and good/bad reports or at least if its the right product AT ALL!!!!

    on front:
    KIWI LEATHER LOTION cleans conditions and nourishes smooth leather helps prevent drying and cracking leaves a soft lustre
    for all colors

    on back:
    kiwi leather lotion is formulated to gently clean and replenishes the oils for all finsihed leathers. After use kiwi leather lotion leaves behind a soft lustre. Kiwi leather lotion keeps leather articles looking newer longer, and helps prevent leather from drying and cracking. Rec. for use on all colors of smooth or imitation leather:boots, shoes, briefcases, luggage, garmets, and other accessories. perfect for reptile and exotic finished leathers too.

    shake well, apply on soft clean cloth and work into leather, allow article to dry several minutes, then buff with soft brush or cloth

    SOOOO WHAT DO YOU LADIES THINK SHOULD I GIVE IT A SHOT< i wanted to make sure i got the right stuff 1st!!!!!!!!
    THANKS! i am NOT using it till i hear back :smile:
  2. It sounds like it should be fine to use on your bag. It sounds similar to Wilson's Leather Lotion, which I use on my bags. If in doubt, you could always test it on a small, invisible area before rubbing it in a more obvious spot.
    So sorry to hear about what happened to your bag. I hope the lotion helps.
  3. thanks!!!!!! :smile: im so glad someone answered YOU ROCK!!! :smile:
  4. I don't think moisturizer will make the damage any worse. Try it on the least noticible part first. Let us know how it turns out!
  5. Make sure you let the moisturizer dry first and then buff it. It may appear a little darker at first until it's completely dry.