Did I buy a rare bag?

  1. Ok, I went to Saks to pick up my rock and chain flap, when I noticed that they had some luxury flaps in gold and bronze, so I asked if they had the bag in black, ( I didn't think they would, just asking..haha) and they did! I thought it was extremly hard to find a black luxury flap bag, or so it seems,but its beautiful! And a lot more money than the rock and chain flap. So I purchased the luxury flap in black instead of the rock and chain. Was this a good move?
  2. pics!!!
  3. How much were each bag? I am pretty sure the luxury ligne sold out. So you found a great bag.
  4. Yes!!! I know alot of people who want that bag. Its arounds just not everywhere. Good find.
  5. I paid around 2300.00 including tax. The rock and chain flap was 1950.00 including tax.
  6. Congrats! Please post pix...
  7. Congrats!
  8. Pics! Pics!
  9. Yeah, I want to see some pics of your bag! Please indulge us! :biggrin: